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Retired but active

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I started a You-Tube account some years ago and the channel had 70 videos and over 1Million views.  But some of the videos were from people who did not want copies made and they complained.  In addition, I got tired of managing the comments which were mostly repetitious or worse.  I have now deleted the account.  Vimeo is better although they are even tougher on copyright issues.  See my channel here: - but it is not about atheism (except for one old video of a debate).

A few months ago I shut down the Cobourg Atheist site - mostly because it was not getting enough traffic.  I am now spending a lot of time as a journalist - providing the people of Cobourg with a better news service.  At least that's what they tell me.  See it on  My twitter account (#CobourgAtheist) spreads the word on that.  My You-tube account has a lot a of traffic and it still has a lot of Atheist videos - not much new but several vintage Hitchens, Dawkins and others.
I also shut down the cobourgatheist email account  - best use or
I might even make this account more active - since it started with atheist orientation - perhaps it's best to continue with that.

There are already enough articles on my site and already enough blogs focusing on atheism ideas. But there is still a need for Atheist News - so Cobourg Atheist will now focus on Atheist News. More here
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