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The 7 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Trying to Improve Their Credit... This post could change your life, so read carefully.

1. Not paying for 3-bureau Credit Monitoring. You can't Improve your Credit if you don't know where it's at, plus Credit Monitoring comes with 1million in ID theft protection and is about $20/mo.

2. Paying Debt Collectors - 90% of the time, this will lower your score and the negative account will remain on your credit.

3. Disputing Online - Don't even get me started. Why would the credit bureaus, who PROFIT from your bad credit, try to help you increase your Credit for free? Online Disputes waive some of your rights under the FCRA.

4. Keeping High Balances on Credit Cards - 30% of your score is based on the Balances on your Credit Card Accounts - pay those suckers down (but don't close the account)!

5. Hiring Lexington Law / CreditRepair dot com (same company) - This company has strong ties to Transunion, a Bureau that profits from your bad credit, they've got 500+ complaints with the BBB and there is NO Attorney working on your file, ever. Even the name is misleading.

6. Not seeking the advice and guidance of a professional - When your car breaks down, you can fix it yourself, but most people go to a Professional Mechanic because they don't want to make a mistake or get their hands dirty. Your credit is significantly more complicated than an Automobile - I've never met someone who successfully repaired their credit 100% on their own without the help or training that the professionals receive.

7. Blindly Applying for Credit - Filling out a Credit Application without 1st knowing what your credit scores are, knowing what bureau(s) the creditor is going to look at and having prepared 60-90 days in advance before filling out the application. It's like shooting at a moving target with a blindfold on. You might get lucky, but it's not likely.

Please SHARE this with your friends, they need to hear it. I'm not the only Professional out there, I know a lot of people who are Credit Repair Rock Stars. If I missed something, please add it in the comments. 

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