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Backup of Malibu Coastal Adventures

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The water temp is still in the upper 70s and the weather feels like it is July!

Come play and explore this incredible coastline before winter takes over!!!

Check out some cool photos:

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We recently took a really fun couple on a Boat & Paddleboard Adventure up to Malibu.

Along the way we encountered some dolphin that played with the boat. At one point, the dolphin came right up to Megan and made eye contact!

We anchored off Malibu and after a quick paddleboard lesson, Megan and Alex were off to explore the Malibu coast.
They both picked it up fast and had a great time.

They wanted another challenge, so out came the tow rope.

We cruised the coast on the way home on an unusually calm ocean. After a brief stop at the Santa Monica Pier, it was back to the Marina.

Check out the photos at:

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We had an fun surf lesson at Zuma Beach Malibu.
Zuma is a great place to learn to surf with gentle waves on a soft sandy beach.
The water is still very warm and the waves have been small and perfect for learning how to surf.
We will teach you all about the basics of surfing, the beach, and the ocean.
We will provide surfboard and wetsuits.
Our goal is making you feel confident to go to most surfing beaches in the area, on your own,
and be comfortable and safe while practicing this exciting sport.

Check out the photos at:
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We had a super fun all girl Malibu Coastal Adventure up to the Malibu area.
Our trip up the coast was smooth as the girls had some breakfast mimosas.

We arrived up in the Malibu area and promptly got out the paddleboards.
After a few quick lessons, they were all off to explore the kelp forests.

While they were out playing, Capt. Dave dove down and grabbed a few lobster for lunch.
It was cooked up right on the boat and ready for them when they finished paddleboarding.

After lunch, we went out to look for dolphin and found a huge pod that played with us for about 1/2 hour

On the way back, we towed each girl on the paddleboards all the way back to the harbor.

They all had way to much fun!!!

Check out the photos:

Check out the video at:
Rachel Boat Adventure
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We just had a really fun coastal cruise & paddleboard lesson off the Malibu coast.

We left the harbor under sunny skies on a flat smooth ocean for a 1 hour coastal cruise up to the Malibu area.

Paddleboard lessons and even getting towed behind the boat on a paddleboard.

Hard to believe its October and we still have 80-90 degree weather on the beaches!

Check out the photos at:
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Lobster Season has begun!!!
Everyone always ask us what it looks like while we are diving in the kelp forests off of Malibu so we made this short video to let you see what we see.

We offer Snorkeling & Scuba Diving lessons and certifications.

Learn how to dive for lobster, spearfish, or just go sightseeing in the calm, clear waters off Malibu and Catalina Island.

Our luxury power catamaran will take you to the most incredible locations for this unique experience.

Come join us!

Click the link to see what we see:
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We took a fun group of girls out on a dolphin and paddleboard adventure up the coast to Malibu.

The dolphin showed up about 30 mins out of the harbor and entertained us for about an hour.

After a quick paddleboard lesson, they were off exploring the incredible Malibu coastline.
They all showed amazing balance and determination, and had fun playing in the warm Pacific Ocean.

We even tossed out a tow rope and pulled the girls on a paddleboard.

After a little sunbathing, lunch and a few drinks, we had a great down wind ride back to the marina.

Come join us!

Check out the photos at:
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We took out a cute couple on a dolphin/sea lion watching excursion off the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

We stopped along the way to say hi to the resident sea lions, and after finding the school of dolphin, we played with them for about an hour.

The couple wanted to get even closer so they asked if they could jump in the ocean and swim with the dolphin.
With Malibu Coastal Adventures, the answer is usually always yes!

Before they knew it, they were swimming with the dolphin and sharing a moment few will ever experience in their lifetime.

Come join us!!!

Check out the photos:
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We left the harbor under beautiful clear skies and classic warm summer conditions.

After a quick and smooth coastal cruise, we arrived at the Malibu Pier.

Everyone was ready to jump in the warm ocean water.
They all picked up paddleboarding quickly, and spent the next couple hours
paddlboarding and exploring the incredible coastline.

Then the tow rope came out and the fun really began!!!

Check out the photos here:
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Rose surprised her good friend Tiffany with a Malibu Boat Adventure for her 31st birthday.
We left the harbor under cloudless skies, on a beautiful calm ocean.
Not 20 minutes out of the harbor we came across a pod of about 100 dolphin.

After arriving at the Malibu Pier and having a quick paddleboarding lesson,
they were all off to explore the incredible Malibu coastline.

It didn't take them long to get into 'party mode' and the day just kept getting better!

Check out the photos here:
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