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One of our greatest challenges is to sit still long enough to truly enjoy life.

The master coach desires to help the student, player, individual become better versions of themselves. #CoachingForSuccess

The true inspiration of coaching should be to reduce the need for I. #CoachingForSuccess

The master coach during different periods of the season engages in a kind of self-analysis--a search within. #CoachingForSuccess

Coaching at the youth level should be focused on teaching the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline, character, self-sacrifice

A friend offered this advice "See with your ears, hear with your eyes"

Sometimes we don't know certain things because we have chosen to turn away from knowledge & reality

The master coach realizes practice presents the opportunity for experimentation and boundary-pushing. #CoachingForSuccess

Occasionally the coach must be reminded that they are there to serve the players and not the other way around. #CoachingForSuccess

We cannot be taught wisdom, we have to discover if for ourselves. #LifeLessons
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