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Adorn yourself with beautiful makeup. See Robyn Lawley on Fashion Designers India

For hairstyles, makeup, skin care n more, see Spas and Salons India

Are you a model? Message your portfolio to me.

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Featured Events come on 1st page of search engines. This helps in several ways for the short to long term.

Get your dance event featured on Dance With Me India

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The Latination Tour MUMBAI (Apr 25) PUNE (Apr 26)

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Get Kettlebells Online Training from Master Trainer Abhinav Malhotra

He works at Fitness First Dubai. You will gain a lot from him. 

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Crystal Lab Dubai

If you like jewelry then you know SWAROVSKI - See on Fashion Designers India

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If you like jewelry then you know SWAROVSKI - See on Fashion Designers India

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Electronics of some different relatives got spoilt and they weren't even that old. Electronics abroad seem to work for years in general without issues.

Could it also be due to high amount of dust which includes high amounts of harmful to severely harmful chemicals including pollutants?

Do people in India spend more on the same electronics due to repairs and early disposal than people abroad in general when people in India might not even earn as much as people abroad?

People in India might also think of this like dhool mitti mein kutte kutiya bhoke (street dogs barking in dust and dirt) if they've seen street dogs which they would've in general.

How the animals seem to suffer in such air and what about the electronics? Do you wonder about babies of animals? What about of humans? What happens to our bodies?

Do you wonder where the Top Indians live and shop including their children, mothers and family in general?

It's great to be human, I wish us best!

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What do top Indians eat to celebrate?

Yesterday a shopkeeper of Baskin Robbins said that he didn't know such ice-cream existed before he started working there and that he ate from roadside vendors before.

He even shared of some international ice-cream brand at the airport which is even much more expensive.

Recently some people who work around here said that they weren't sure of the milk quality that they were having and said about injections and chemicals.

It made me think that what do the top Indians eat like when they want to celebrate?

I'll try to share more on my new Boring Plate site

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Zumba & Dance Instructor Jas K Shan's page on Beats n Bods
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