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Holy crap. 1900 simultaneous players is a compelling demo.
I kept looking for actual asteroids but I guess they can't show up with 1,925 ships? All we were doing was shooting each other. It certainly seemed to work fine.
More like M Asteroids. It is not multiplayer/online, but all simulated players.
Cool. Binary installed without a hitch on my Mac. Had to install one small library (/usr/ports/devel/libexecinfo) on my FreeBSD web server to get the sources to build there.

I'm tempted to build a multi-player maze game, like the one I played on the PDP-10s at MIT in the mid-70s. ITS and Imlac terminals. I wrote one in Java a number of years back (http://billstclair.com/jmaze/). Still works on my iMac and Debian VM. Server didn't stay synced well with clients, IIRC.

The new one would allow users to build new mazes, which would be added to the running server. Maybe some sort of Minecraft-like wall opening and filling, starting from a grid of closed squares. In my copious spare time...

I'm a new jQuery user. Makes JavaScript bearable, fun even.
So kinda like XPilot, without the cluster nuclear missiles?
To the guy whose ship I ran into and destroyed. I do not know where you are or what you may be doing, but you are a human being with feelings. I was in the wrong, and I am truly sorry.
Best part is when everybody starts aiming for you ;-)
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