1366x768 has surpassed 1024x768 as the most popular resolution on the net. 640x480 and 800x600 are starting a support group.
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Oh great, now i can expect the average web page to use 50% of my screen instead of 33%. Shouldn't a good layout adapt itself to the available size?
I remember upgrading my monitor and being able to run 800x600 years ago. I thought it was awesome. How times change.....
I like to view mine using 256 colors.
I'm on 2 larger monitors. I still clamp my browser to 1024x768, I can read things faster at a narrower window size than full screen. Besides, I don't want to run full screen on my browser!
I remember the good old days when 640x480 was for hipsters, with 16 colors! Now you're not even lame if you only have that many pixels.
I've run on 1900x1080x2 for quite a long time. I would never go back.
Yay! that's the resolution for my computer screen :D
Speaking of resolution... on bigger screens the new Google+ layout looks a little off center...alot of empty space.
Thanks to the surging popularity of high powered laptops with awful screen res. I have an old thinkpad thats nearly 10 years old that does 1280x1024 as well as an old G4 powerbook that does 14something x 900. What gives???
My P3 laptop does 1600x1200. Pentium M laptop does 1440x1050, MBP @ 1440x900. Now cheap (1K and under) laptops suck at screen res (all are 1366x768...).
They need to include mobile resolutions in their stats.
The new most popular resolution is the resolution of the MacBook Air 11".

It's a sweet spot. Wide enough to accommodate current web designs with a bit of spare screen real estate on either side, while still small enough to be almost iPad scale portable.
+Martin Seeger: Adaptiv design is great but my (and obviously others too) dilemma is: Content what makes me scroll on my phone for an eternity uses about 1" on a high resolution screen. So some margins are a good thing. Since high resolution screens have more real estate it's up to the user to invest wisely in multiple applications.
1366x768 is a really popular resolution on laptops (particularly cheaper ones) and most 720P LCD televisions. Can't believe that 1024x768 has been popular for so long (when was the last time you could buy a monitor with 1024x768?)
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