My new title at WaPo Labs is Chief Strategist & Editor-at-Large. Here is my blog post about it:
6 months ago I walked away from what might be the greatest job ever. I had meaningful work at a place i truly called home. It was a scary decision, but the right one: 14 years had managed to grind me ...
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They need people like you, Rob -- this is great.
Congratulations and good luck in your new endeavor! Fantastic news!
Reading the end gave me goosebumps. Good luck!
congrats and wish you well in your new role. good luck....
When do you start if you dont mind me asking? This is so cool... Congratulations!
Congrats. This is the best thing I've heard about any newspaper trying to figure out their future in a long time.
Something a lot of us will be paying attention to, that's for sure!
If you are in DC, there are exVA/ around
First job: see if you can bring Jon Katz in off the farm again. Though he was a lightning rod for the k1dd13s at Slashdot, he had an outstanding resume (and was well above many of their heads, truth be known). His Columbine piece in particular was a great work. Jon might not be ready to rejoin the rat race - he had burned out, he admits freely. But I do miss his stuff.
whoa, there's that blender again. please tell me one will appear in your staff photo!
I like Trove. You're gonna do good things. 'grats.
I love the Post. But please get rid of the "social reader" app!

I admit when I first saw the tweet I thought it was some kind of joke or troll & didn't follow it up as I was busy.
Congratulations!!! A door closes another opens!!
I want massive karma for posting on a thread about, but it just won't be the same if Pudge isn't trying to site ban me every other week.
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