Hackers leaked all ATM pin codes. Check if yours is on the list, and change it to something that isn't.
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Well that's easy to leak all 4 digit pin numbers right?  I mean I see everything from 0000 to 9999 so of course a pin would be there
Mine isn't on the list because I use the letters on the keypad instead of the numbers.
Heh, actually my first ATM card had a 5 digit pin in the 90's which most ATM machines were quite happy with... but by 2000 most started only allowing 4 digit pins which always perplexed me since I'd think the longer the better.  
Does this include debit cards too? That would be handy because I've forgotten mine after many years of disuse.
+Sam Alexander Don't forget the sad story of Slashdot user "Ungrounded Lightning Rod", whose "Rod" was slashed off by Slashdot's retroactive 20-character username limit.
haa..haa...haa!  Mine is also missing:  I use negative and fractional digits..
I was skeptical, but it must be true: that first number listed is my balance.
They have the code to my luggage too...
I have some ATM cards that require a minimum six digit PIN.
They should have left one thats not in the list.
Everyone would change their pin to that one.
My pin is eight digits. Most people I talk to don't even realize you can have more than four.
I think y'all got punked. a PIN is a 4-digit code created on a keypad. There are a limited number of them. You have to properly associate a PIN with a card number for it to be useful. 
Hmmmf all that is a list of every possible 4# combo.
They need a much longer list.. my 6 digit PIN code wasn't leaked.
Since pin code is usually 4 digits long then you have only 10000 possibilities to guess it.
I dont know about this but some body in my family recently had unknown transactions on their statement. So it could be right now in days hackers find all kinds of ways to get money.
Ken Z
Mine's not there, I'm safe :)
But how do they know what pin is with what card......do you stand there and type in each one to see if it is correct ??????
I have to doubt that all pin codes in the world were leaked sounds like a scam to get your pin code 
That is a funny list. I found 4 different winning lottery number there
Wonder how many people are actually trying to find a pin code that isn't on the list?
Amazing to read the seriousness of some of these comments :-)
In a few lines of code, any programmer can print all ATM pin codes and dump them into a text file.
My luggage combination is on this list too!
You don't need to be a HACKER (a really big word) to do such things like get PIN codes of credits cards. Its something bad ofcourse, but is true.
Haha, i can do math. Im going to leak everyones 4 digit voicemail code next! Bwahaha....

~scary hacker
That is a fracking hoax guys, look at the numbers, they are sequential AND incremented by 1 each time.

BREAKING NEWS: The Onion just reported that the world mathematicians invented a new number system to help save the Industry!

Go learn - Go figure - Go change!
I can't believe how many people don't realize this is a joke  WOW.
Bastards at Anonymous even compromised my Bicycle lock.
Wow, surprised at how many people just don't get this......just like an article from the Onion! 
Hilarious post +Rob Malda!
And I agree, +Brian Ensink wins the internet today!!
LOL  it's not like it's a dificult list to generate either 
So is the from "The Onion" or what guys? 
Oh no!  I can't believe 12345 is on the list! Now I have to change the PIN for all my credit cards, the locks on all my luggage, and the code to open the shield on Druidia! That'll take days!
This is all possible numbers which are 4 digits. surprise if why your number is not listed
And if you put your code in backwards t the ATM it will call the police.
I'm confident that we will see this on all the major news outlets shortly along with "expert" cyber security commentary and dire warnings about credit card fraud and identity theft!
I went to change my PIN, but the only three other numbers I can remember are on the list, too.  What should I do?
Nice one I'll change mine to 0000 or maybe 9999 
Oh my god! How did they knew combination to my (and also other) bike chain locks! :P
Don't they have to know your account for this to matter?
Lol! Hacked using sandwich box..
Yeah, most likely it's a number between 0000 and 9999.
pin codes are generally 4 digits long so yeah they covered everything.  all they need now are the cards
a pretend vault broken into with a pretend "Hack"saw how dumb is that !
do u thing what say is good or do thing what u post is ok...
Given where we are with internet security right now, this isn't the kind of thing that you jokes about IMHO...
Hahah, by the time I realized the joke, the author had fooled me :D
Mr. hackers.... why don't you Hack into Apple Site.... Since you are soooooooo good at it...We love you if you do...September 12 is the Big day....
My only thing is....if its all the numbers in the world...what am i posed to change mine to??
I have never seen so many numbers!
I'm safe. my pin has five digits!
...Please tell me people aren't silly enough to fall for this? That's just a list of every four digit PIN number that's ever possible.
its not a leak, its just a list of all the combination of numbers between 0-9
Alas, people really are that stupid.
I fell for it long enough to click thru LOL.
This would have been a great April Fool Prank.
Now if only I knew which of those pin numbers was mine, I always forget.
These are just sequential numbers from 0000 to 9999. Surely a pin code would fall within these numbers. 
LOL! Change it to what, exactly? This is a paste of all possible  combinations of 4 digits. Everyone's 4 digit code will be on here.
I use my eye contact (RF) ID
Instead of Cod try to hack my eyes hahahaha
Drat! I thought this had to be a hoax, but no! My pin is listed, too. ;-p
The sad thing is the number of calls in to banks today is going to go through the roof...
I feel so safe and secure. I feel so much better now.
I wonder if I could switch mine to negative integers, or maybe a series of emoticons.  That should keep it off the list!
Ken Z
Thanks for posting this...I forgot mine, now I see what it is!! :)
They got the story wrong!!! Those are IPhone unlock codes! Idiots...... Lol
I thought it was going to read like this: "so everyone should begin to understand why we need to transition to the new sub-dermal method of currency. Haloberton are just the people to keep us safe and protected from the likes of these hackers. Micro-chips under the skin is now in our very near future!".... THE END
And PINS do not have to be 4 digits...
lol, I could "leak" all pin number too!  just give me a few minutes to write a code that writes all numbers from 0 to 9999 in a four digit format!  that is all this is.  I did get a good laugh out of it XD.
impressive to say the least. but thankfully my credit card # isn't there. it's actually oooo :) 
Instead of using this leak I would
brute force.. :-)
Congratulations you found a pastebin of every 4 digit combination possible
Well I guess anyone can list all the pins in the world. Now the hard part would be obtaining all the credit cards. You can't just type in a pin without the actual card to confirm it. 
Just what I needed something else to worry about, but TY for letting us know.
How is generating a list of all possible 4 digit numbers between 1 and 9999 considered a leak?
Interesting, the list contains all possible code combinations for a 4-digit code. Of course all pins are listed! It doesn't take a genius to understand that!
And as others have mentioned, credit cards don't have PINS, DUH!!! 
Credit cards don't have pins???? Then how do you pull money out of an ATM with them?
Here's a nifty piece of information, anytime you submit a number in the form of a SSN, the Internet will automagically sensor it... ***** , its 'mazing :)
All pins are not four numbers mine is six
Random four number generator Hell that's kust useless with out pertinent info included security number cc number etc
So the link goes to a list of all 4 digit pin combos possible. Big deal.
Congratulations Mary, you got the joke.
Oh wow you should totally have done this as a phishing thing where you tell them "enter your current PIN to see if it's in the number list" LOL.
You got me there! But in Singapore, we have 6 digits for some ATMs.
Damn those hackers! Now I have learn a non-Arabic numbering system!
Big deal. I cracked the code to create any pin combination for ALL pin lengths.
You mean hackers released all iPhone PIN codes...
lol they also found my 4 digit voicemail pw, better change it to 9999
This list has been out for a few thousand years.
Devilishly brilliant! I feel as if they have btt raped every account I ever had.
Next step would be pin with retina scan to make it more secure...
I'm safe, mine is only 1 digit. 'Phew close one
Ha! Funny!  10 to the 4th is 10,000.  So, yes, all the pin codes in the universe are known, at least if your bank only permits you to use 4 numeric digits.  Hope this doesn't scare too many idiots.
Thank goodness they missed mine,  πe^2±∞. Heh, noone'll ever get that.
4 digit pins are usa only + its time to switch to gesture pins (like android lock screen pattern).
what do i change it to... all the combinations are leaked lol...
Kae Kae
somebody has 2 much down x on their hands
cool ! now the question is ....
how to link it to someones account ????
....well, that will take some time ... hahaha !!!!!
ATM getting hacked than the sony network wow whats next.
OMG! My pin is listed there! lol
We have 6 digit pins here in Switzerland.
They take banking secrecy very seriously.
How did they get my bicyle lock pin.... It doesnt even have an internet connection!!!!!!! wow these hackers are good
go ahead no money in my bank lol if u wanna make a deposit feel free
Yep my codes in there....ah crap!
Noooo my wifes chastity belt numbers there ......
Hahaha.. that was funny.
This is hilarious! Banks need to allow longer pin numbers for us secure types :-) 
haha, it didn't have mine, I only use 2 digits and it is totally secure.
@Noah Wilson, would you do us all a favor and use some math? ROFL
I forgot mine, but now I found it again! Thank you ;)
Definitely an IQ test for those who's IQ takes less than three digits...
This would be a good way to capture someone's PIN when they searched for it!
yup, mine's in there,,,, guess I'll change it. Damn, they got that one too!!
If this comment thread represents the majority we are fucked, most don't even get it's a joke lol
Think i'll get another credit card just to make sure...:)
Ermahgerd! My PIN is in there too!
I cannot believe that i actually clicked on the link. Guess i expected to see my name. My Pin however, was not leaked, because it is four letters, not numbers.:)
Damnit! It's not April 1st! I need MOAR coffee.
Actually, some banks have six or eight-digit digit PINs on their cards.
mine is in there between lines 320-467...good luck. This isn't ATM pin codes, and it doesn't take a hacker to release it. This is an algorithm that simply computes all four digit numbers in sequential order. This post is lame.
There are 10,000 possible codes, starting with 0000 and ending at 9999
If your pin number on the list and visible to everyone, please send your bank details and pin number to me and the number will be taken off the list. Thank you.

Issued in public interest.
Yeah those are all of the possible combo's so good luck
As long as they don't get the 3 security digits that match the 3/4 digits of my pin.

And the Bridge goes to: +Rob Malda .
I feel sorry for whoever wasted their time putting all possible 4 digit combinations on this website. Hope they got paid for it. 
all 4 digit codes.. not mine tho
I used imaginary numbers!
What good are the codes if you don't know who they belong to? At only four numbers I'm sure some people share a PIN with others. There are only so many combos 4 digits can make.
What the Fuck. no one can do anything with these codes.
I used to think G+ users were smarter than Facebook users.
How original. Can you make my back taxes disappear? That would be impressive.
OmG i just called my institution
And this is precisely why I have a FIVE digit PIN. :-p 
I have no money in my bank account anyways lol
This us a hoax to get people to log in for details to be send to the hakkers!!!
WOW ! is this what American's call a sense of homour AND YES IT IS SPELT LIKE THAT !  And NO not all credit cards are signature !
Lulz you had me going for a sec there. I was like 0003 0004 hey waaaaitaminuite
ohhhhhh tell me the pin !!!lol 
This joke doesn't work on G+, but I bet Facebookers would be crapping themselves ;-)
1 2 3 4 5 6: I just leaked all the possible rolls of a die.
is this for idiots? obviously one of them should be yours as this has all the possible numbers! there cannot be out of this. Also one number could be for many users. I would eat this if you could publish the card details for each number. just HOAX....rubbish
U got my attention from an email from G+, linking this story as "The most popular content on Google+''. Love this humor!!
Who cares my bank account is empty anyway! Go for it....
i want to ATM job in malda,9434109168
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