The Washington Post was sold to Jeff Bezos, however my team was not a part of the deal.
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I could see that as good or bad.  Good in that the soon-to-be-renamed Post Co will want to focus on the new media division... bad if this means that they want out of all of that for good.
I read that as +Jeff Bates the first time. I was a bit confused....
so your team was "slashed" ? :/
What happens to your team then?
We continue to remain focused on our mission until they turn out the lights and kick us to the curb! which point you will be focused on hitting the curb and not tumble out into the traffic. :)

Sorry to hear things are unstable.
Convince them to let you all spin yourselves off into a separate co. Or sue them, whichever works lol
Good luck Rob. Hope it works out for the best.
Congrats! Or condolences. Whatever is appropriate. 
Best of luck sir .... Hoping for a silver lining for you
Good luck to you and your team, Rob.
You didn't hear about the DEA today?? It makes all the NSA stuff look east germany 4.0.
If you have the opportunity to work on new technologies for WaPo under Bezos, I hope you take it!
SO here's the scope on why, directly from Don Graham, they didn't touch WaPo Labs:
he Labs team is going to experiment in news products and it’s part of the contract is if it becomes profitable the Post will get a percentage of the profits. [The letter of agreement filed with the SEC gives WaPo Labs a five-year content license for the Labs' social news aggregator; in exchange, the paper gets 10 percent of any profit.]
I hope we have a big success — and if we do, it definitely will be good for Slate and the other properties we own. What the Labs team needs to do now is put its head down and get out a great new product and make it a success. The Labs team at the moment is on the brink of what I think can be a very impressive new product. At the moment, we have no revenues so it’s not an attractive buy.
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