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Cloud-U Telecoms
CLOUD-U TELECOMS : Future technologies are here.
CLOUD-U TELECOMS : Future technologies are here.


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Our new website is NOW ONINE..UP & RUNNING..
Thanks to #wpmo  and #GS
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Cloud is growing
Why Cloud Computing Will Continue to Grow -

We all know the #cloud is growing, and we are increasingly becoming reliant upon it...but just how fast is it growing? And how are businesses adopting new strategies to accommodate?

A study conducted by the research firm Clutch shows that two out of three medium and large companies will spend more on cloud systems this year than they did in 2015. Companies are putting more money into their cloud budgets simply because it’s better helping them meet their business objectives, notes Go Nimbly CEO Jason Reichl:

“The cloud is building ROI faster and with better business accuracy,” he says, “so companies are willing to reinvest in it ever year.”

Another survey revealed that cloud is no longer in the realm of shadow IT. Instead, RightScale’s poll of 1060 IT leaders found that “the shift is well underway from shadow IT driven by individual teams to a centralized approach that enables cloud consumption of cloud services across the entire organization,” notes Joe McKendrick of +ZDNet

IT executives are becoming cloud brokers, sources of knowledge on how to piece together cloud systems. Learn more here:

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