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Where there is a will, there is a way.
Where there is a will, there is a way.

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If we could figure out a way to use kinetic energy and tie it in with portable devices, it'd allow our technological world free movement outdoors to charge and empower individuals globally, rather than only within the confinement of buildings. Food For Thought.

My heart goes out to all the lives in Tianjin who experienced and are now going through the aftermath of that explosion. Words don't mean much compared to the actions of those fighting to save lives on those streets, but awareness helps.

I love the amazing intricacies that come from the intertwined visuals and beliefs that have occurred over the histories of all the continents. Details like how one religion has certain deities with some such name, which also appear in another culture with a different name but the same abilities. Or how we all count in our own ways, yet can understand the meaning behind it even if we cannot understand the particular phonetics coming from another individual's lips.

It's all so... intuitive and whimsical, isn't it?

Rewatching The Hobbit inspires me. I do quite enjoy the Lord of the Rings and all that is associated with it. May the light of the White Wizards watch over you, Sir Christopher Lee.

How do you keep yourself energized and awake after getting less sleep than usual, without the aid of coffee, energy drinks, a million snacks or people?

Everyone is a bit different when it comes to how their body functions, but I'd like to see what variations people have.

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This guy makes some epic music. Perfect for adventures and mood settings related to Celtic or Nordic or anything that you might think of in that fashion.
Also, greetings after many years! I'm still on Facebook, which I'll keep separate from this. 

Haven't logged in since January. Swapped back to Facebook because no one wanted to migrate. :/ Such a shame. But, I suppose Gplus hasn't changed much either since I last looked at it. Needs a more dynamically bland, or exciting homepage.

Post has attachment This is remarkable stuff. As the description notes, it relates to dreams. All so different, despite how similar they may be.

So fearful... The days when courtesy, decency, and privacy are gone; they will soon be here.

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Wow... I just had to share this because... wtf United Kingdom? Lol.
Weetabix Chocalate Dubstep Cereal Commercial [HD]
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