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India is a thousands-year-old civilization. From Bhim of Mahabharat to Bhim Rao (Ambedkar), our journey has been long.
Happy Independence Day!

-Nishanth Shetty
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E-Summit 2016 is an extravaganza of captivating ideas, enthusiastic participants and experienced mentors coming together under one roof to promote the emerging startup ecosystem . The event is an initiative by the E-Cell of IIT-B to give a platform to the upcoming entrepreneurs to showcase their talent, novel ideas and business skills. The event aims at providing the participants and early stage startups the financial funding and equip them with various startup methodologies. It also aims at building a technical platform for the shortlisted finalists and do so it has joined hands with Cloudesign.

Cloudesign a startup by itself works on the motto of “energizing startups”. It is a Web and Mobile App
Development Company offering websites, portals, e-commerce,Mobile App and online marketing
services. In the current scenario Cloudesign in association with the E-Cell is going to come up with
technology solutions and deliver its services to the finalists of the Eureka event. Eureka is a competition
designed to compile and emulate ideas into being and convert them into a full-fledged startup.Thus the partnership believes in encouraging these startups to grow and develop in terms of efficiency, technology and resources. Thus, converting them into a substantial entity and helping them to be competent in terms of quality as well as quantity.With approximately 15,000 and plus attendees , hosting around 80 events ,500 startups and having 100 noted speakers viz Sachin Bansal (Flipkart), Rajat Sharma(India TV News), Rahul Yadav (Housing) and many more ; this event surely speaks volumes and is a great opportunity for the generation Y entrepreneurs to highlight their talent. Adding to the list , the event is also hosting workshops and bringing in internships and job fairs proving to be promising for everyone attending this event.

Looks like you people have already booked the two days to attend this mega event taking place in IIT-B (Powai) from 30th -31st January ;)

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Issued by the Faculty of Civil Department of IIT-Bombay to our own Cloudesign's CTO, Rohit Jain, for developing IIT-B Civil Department's Home Portal.


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SAVE MONEY THE SMART WAY, SAME COMFORT AT HALF THE PRICE. has been founded with a mission make inter-city taxi travel affordable for all classes of people all over India for business travels, families, tourists etc.. Many a times it becomes very expensive to hire a taxi as the normal system in India is to charge for return trip even if even for one side drop.The other problem is the minimum distance of 300 Kms required by Taxies per day. charges only for the distance traveled inter-city by aggregating the requirements of different customers and taxi operators. In the end a family may be able to hire a taxi for inter-city travel at the cost of a Bus, It requires a little patience from your side some hard work from our side.

As soon as you finalise requirement for a one side taxi from any place to any place please send us an SMS or give us a call or send an e mail with the details of Date of travel, time of starting , origin and destination and also the time you want to reach at your destination. We may give a friendly advise to you with our experience of travel time taken for different routes. We may also help you with alternate routes. Our call centre will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm the availability. It may take some time to find a match from you hence it is always better for you to inform us as early as possible. We try our best to find a perfect match with lowest cost for you but will get back to you if we need you consent due to your special requirement. We will confirm only after we get your consent with all inclusive trip cost to you.

You can see the indicative trip costs for popular destinations.the exact cost for your trip may vary a little due to the your special requirement.You may also let us know if at the origin or destination you require the use of taxi for some travel with in the city for your work and to finally drop you at your destination like airport, railway station.We will try to accommodate the same.

Project by +ClouDesign 

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Canvs is growing to be the hub of Graphic Art and Artists in India. Host your portfolio & sell your art as Originals, on Canvas & a range of rich Products!
-Project by +ClouDesign-Energizing StartUps! 
(Frontend Development)

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"Envoged is a luxury marketplace dedicated exclusively to pre-owned designer fashion. We are curating a social community of shoppable closets; guaranteeing authenticity & quality and an amiable shopping experience on the go."

Project by +ClouDesign-Energizing StartUps!
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