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I want to quote so much of this article.

Anyway, can we consider the knee-jerk defense of every bit of tripe with the words "video game" attached - can we consider that the appendix of the gaming culture now?
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I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about this and all the arguments surrounding it. 
I've gone back and forth on this myself, +Kahlief Adams. At the end of the day though, if the "sexy nuns" were replaced with "sexy priests", this would not be an issue. 

Largely, because the trailer would be considered a failure....or just eh.

And for me, THAT'S the problem.
I felt like I watched it and went about my business and then someone told me I should feel really bad about not feeling really bad. I feel like I'm missing something.
I thought about the tables turned scenario, and I only agree a little bit, +Lamont Doss - if there were monks or priests with the nuns that busted out into leather and mini-guns, the sexualized violence would still be a problem, it just would not be as sexist at the same time.

Any why aren't there more sexy monks and priests in stuff? Dammit.

I like this article a lot because, well - you two show that it got more male eyes/responses than the feminist gamer articles I posted, for one. For another, it points out that this is an industry problem, not just Hitman (although they did it with the last installment too). And it makes a big point about the knee jerk bullshit surrounding any _criticism_ of gaming, gaming culture, and the gaming industry.
I agree that it would be a problem, +Cloris PatientC, but I was trying to illustrate the point that it would largely remain ignored.

From my perspective, it points to a larger disconnect. 
Largely? Yes, likely. By the same people raising a stink now? Not a chance.
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