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Clooz - Connecting People Through Documents
Clooz - Connecting People Through Documents

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In celebration of the 4th anniversary of the release of Clooz 3, Ancestral Systems is awarding all Clooz user having currently active upgrade support a bonus year of support. This will be reflected on the License Status form accessible from the Clooz Help menu (versions 3.5.16 and later). Users must update to 3.5.16 to see the extra year. New Clooz purchases and renewals of update support by July 31 will also receive the bonus year of support. Be sure to checkout all the details at
If your support has expired, renewal periods begin as of the last expiration date. It a great way to recover when your support has lapsed within the past 6 months.
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It's been four years since Clooz 3.0 was first publically release in July 2012. Checkout the newly published development roadmap including Clooz 4 and beyond at  
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I'm working on my file, adding a newly found cousin to my trusted list so that she can update her family records and more importantly, add her auDNA match data to the file. I will do this for all of my new cousins. I recommend that all of the community members do the same so that we can help Chris and the team continue to grow and improve this important DNA capability.

Is this community still active? Where are the Wiki Tree folks who need to stimulate discussion? Chris and the team have built an important and powerful auDNA utility into WT. We users need to thank Chris and the team by actually using what they have built. I know personally from years of auDNA analysis that breakthroughs are out there, hiding behind current day descendants' unfamiliar surnames. It is amazing to me how much of my personal success in identifying cousins and ancestor branches stems from chance encounters with somewhat obscure clues. Let's all support Chris and his team in this endeavor.


In December 2011 I saw a notice that Elizabeth Kerstens Kelly had to drop her brainchild genealogy program Clooz for a variety of reasons.  As a Clooz user since its initial introduction, I knew the potential of the program for my own genealogy research, so I contacted Elizabeth in hopes that I could take over Clooz.  Elizabeth and I reached an agreement, and I became the owner of all future editions of Clooz on 1 January 2013.  As soon as my announcement went public, I was contacted by Rich Thomas who was also a long time user of Clooz.  Rich possessed the technical programming skills that I lacked, coming from a government career in Information Technology.  Given our complementary skills and interests, Rich and I formed the Ancestral Systems LLC partnership.  Clooz has grown in capability over the last four years and is currently undergoing a complete rewriting for the next version due to be released Spring/Summer 2016.

During this period my advancing age and personal family health issues began to interfere with my ability to properly support the company and Clooz.  Early this fall it became apparent to me that it was time to relinquish my role and ownership in Clooz.

It is with great pleasure (and a little sadness) that I can tell you that on 1 January 2016 Rich Thomas will become the sole owner of Ancestral Systems LLC, and the headquarters will move to Maryland.

I deeply appreciate the loyalty and frequent information exchanges with our valued clients.  I have no doubt that the future for Clooz is bright, and that Rich will continue to provide inovative advances for our users.

I will probably pop up from time to time, just to keep my finger on the pulse.

Thanks for all of your support,

Joe Bissett

We wish all of our users and friends a most joyous and happy holiday season.
Rich and Joe

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Clooz 3 companion software now available from Legacy Family Tree
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Hi David.  I'm hoping you can shed some light on this issue.  My half brother was born in Broolyn november 28th, 1926.  He has one  of those light green computer print out birth certificates.  I asked him to please send for a copy of his original BC.  He has called Chambers Street several times, and they tell him that the digitize version is all that they have.  I find that hard to believe.  Do you have any suggestions?

Researching the family of Edward Johnson/Isabella Cushing.  Edward was a pilot/senior pilot for the harbor at Kurachee during the 1890s/1900s.  Their daughter Josephine May Johnson married my maternal grandfather Frederick Edward Piggott in Manora in 1902.  Other family members grew up and married in Bombay Presidency.  Hopefully I can connect with other interested researchers.
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