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Accounts and Job Costing made easy
Accounts and Job Costing made easy


Did you know about our Credit Control option?

I have just spoken to a long standing customer who rang about a general enquiry, one thing mentioned in the conversation led me to explain our Credit Control Menu item which is going to be a big help. For the rest of you who are unaware: Under the Sale Menu there is an option “Credit Control” this allows you to choose a customer and then shows all outstanding invoices or applications. You can then select one and add notes ie “14/11/17 Spoke to Mike, said cheque is in the post”. When you then run the Invoices/Applications due report and click the option to include credit control notes you get the history of the notes. It has been on the software for years but not everyone is aware of it.

With the tax year end update completed we are looking for ideas you would like incorporated into the next release. As you know, we are constantly updating our Construction Industry Accounts and Job Costing software based on customer feedback. If you have a wish list of improvements then make sure we know about it. Email with any ideas.

The tax year end update and guidance notes will be released over the last week of February and first week of March. Please ensure is in your safe senders list within your email settings.

We will be shut from midday on Friday the 23rd of December until Tuesday 3rd January 2017

We would like to thank all of our customers and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Why do you find yourself looking forward to updating your accounts and job costing activities with the same joy as a pending visit to the dentist?

Today's construction figures are far from gloomy. They suggest that over the next year the business confidence will return after the concerns of the referendum result.

IHS Markit, which publishes the data, said there was evidence of "a renewed rise in staffing levels across the construction sector and a rebound in business expectations for the next 12 months".

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The phrase 'it isn't rocket science' is commonly used for many, seemingly simple, tasks. But somehow, these can still fill many of us with dread.

How can you launch new software across your business with sending your blood pressure sky-rocketing…?

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Buying a ‘tailored solution’ sounds like it will cost you more. But when it comes to software for your business, sometimes that generic solution with a well-known name can end up costing you more in both money and time. When faced with these big decisions for your construction accounting software which approach is right for you, let’s explore…

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Most companies have completed the tax year end, this is the third year under the RTI system. Most people have found it much simpler and quicker as they are now used to producing the regular returns.
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