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Jeremy Barbouttis - Clinical Hypnotherapist & Counsellor
Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Psychotherapy in Sydney
Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Psychotherapy in Sydney

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Please take a look at my new look website and let me know what you think. Comments welcome.

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What is Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

I have added a blurb and links to a couple of articles that explain hypnotherapy and hypnosis in greater details. One explains what might happen in a first hypnotherapy session, and the other talks about the experience of hypnotherapy and how and what it helps. There is room for a comment at the end of the articles. If you have a reaction to either or both, I would be pleased for you to respond. Have a great day. Jeremy 

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I have noticed that people often show confusion about what a Hypnotherapist does. They might have images in their mind of stage hypnosis shows. They might even expect them to be some form of mental surgeon. Of course, there is no point in seeing someone who does what a stage hypnotist does, because that is purely for entertainment purposes, and hypnosis is nothing like mental surgery. People are awake in hypnosis, aware, they might even be alert.

I have added a blurb to my website, the first section on the home page under the map, that explains what a hypnotherapist does. If you have any questions, why not give me a call (02) 9518 9912, or come in for a brief informal appointment so that you can see for yourself and come to you own conclusion about the power of hypnotherapy. Your certain to be pleasantly surprised. 

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Jeremy is not just a Hypnotherapist. He is also a counsellor and psychotherapist helping individuals and couples with depression, addiction, anxiety, fear and relationships issues. Check out the following page on my website:

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People will travel vast distances to get really good therapy. Sydney has quite a few Hypnotherapists. Of course, there are fewer in the city itself. I have people who come to see me from Regional areas of NSW all the time. I've even had people come from Hong Kong, Singapore, the Middle East and Fiji to see me. That's a long was tom come for Hypnotherapy. That's the impact of word of mouth. Take a look about my website:

Sometimes what we need is help that is deeper than the usual Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is capable of. It really doesn't matter how positive we try to make our thoughts, sometimes it is still not enough to fight that anxiety, negative thinking, or bad feelings inside. What about our history, and context? Our relationships also really affect us. So, what about a therapy that considers your emotions? A therapy that makes real and lasting change needed to tackle what is in the unconscious mind. Hypnotherapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy are two therapies that go deep. Deep into the mind and address the underlying causes for those bad feelings/anxiety/negative thinking, etc. I use this approach to successfully treat people for not only anxiety and depression, but also fears, phobias, addictions, sexual issues and relationship issues. Sometimes it's nice to be surprised at how truly different life can be.

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Sydney Hypnotherapist and Counsellor, Jeremy Barbouttis, is located at Level 2, Suite 211/160 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000. You can find more Sydney Hypnotherapists using the National Hypnotherapists Register of Australia. That way you know you are getting someone accredited with the Australian Hypnotherapists Association. 

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You could also use the following website, which is that of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists. They also have a directory, and again, if you selected someone from that website, you know you are selecting someone who is registered and accredited.

Hypnotherapy creates the space in which change inevitably occurs. Don't underestimate it's power to make your life more as it was intended to be.

While there are many people who realised the enormous benefits of Hypnotherapy, there are others who are not so sure and compare hypnotherapy to stage hypnosis. Because of a lack of experience, they understandably think that it is some kind of mind control and they won't be aware of what is happening during a hypnotherapy session, and so on. Of course, none of that is true. Hypnotherapy is really just being in a relaxed state. But being in that relaxed state gives you access to the emotions that drive how we relate to others. In that state, you can change your behaviour as well as your emotional drivers, and you can even change your thought patterns. Ultimately, your experience in relations changes for the better, as a result. This flows on to intimate experience also.
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