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Internet Marketing,Web Design,Seo,Facebook marketing,online marketing,Digital marketing,search engine optimization
Internet Marketing,Web Design,Seo,Facebook marketing,online marketing,Digital marketing,search engine optimization

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Best SEO Company in Nigeria

My Story about my First Clients in SEO

The fault is sometimes with some SEO Folks , who tell clients they can give them Instant results . In a Competitive Search auction some SEO folks will still say the client site will Rank in 3 weeks ! That is so pathetic ! Are they Google ?

When this kind of expectations are created the Good SEO guys become doubted , clients no longer want to trust them . I remember working with my First Client a Data Recovery Company in my geographical Location Nigeria .

I offered them this SEO Service and then the company boss said they got a mail from some Indian's that there websites can get ranked on First page in 3 months . Well the question i asked is How can they be so sure the site will rank on First page in 3 months time ? Are they Google ? Do they want to use Black hat techniques? I simply told them the hazards of using Blackhats and that patience is the most significant aspect of SEO ,i had to risk assuring them they will Rank on First page before 8 months .

Well i did the Good Job on the site ! In Six months time there site was on Position 8 on First page for Several Long tail Keywords for "Data Recovery" then the boss again came to Challenge me that , Hey Akinyemi my site is still on number 8 Position ,why is it not on Position number 1-3 .

I smiled and assured him that very soon they will be ranked 1-3 but also made him to understand that am not Google , but i did what was proper to enable the Site to Rank and hit #1.

Here we go there site Appears 1-3 for Most of there keywords like : "Data Recovery Company in Nigeria" "Data Recovery training in Nigeria"and more than 50 Ranked Keywords. There sales have increased drastically and they are happy with my SEO Service .

SEO can be Very Costly

This is what some Companies looking for Good SEO Expert do not Understand , Experts who are actually very good will collect high fees from you . No Cheap SEO ! Especially if you want your SEO Expert to devote more time on your Website . In SEO of 2016 SEO Folks have to Learn most used Programming Code and CMS in order to optimize websites , it as become a necessesity then How can SEO Service be Cheap ?

Even the basic Audit part of it can't be Cheap ! SEO is a marathon and not a Sprint .

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What is Page ranks in SEO ? Page Rank is an algorithm used by Search engine to rank websites in their search engine results. See more :

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what is digital marketing ?
Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands with one or more forms of electronic media. For example, advertising mediums that might be used as part of the digital marketing strategy or marketing plan of a business could include promotional efforts made with the Internet, social media, mobile phones and electronic billboards, as well as via digital and television and radio channels.

Digital Marketing is Reaching your customers whichever device they are, you need to be advertising on every device that your customers are using desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. Read more about Digital Marketing

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Get in touch with our Digital Marketing Agency Today!
Digital marketing is a new age marketing technique to Improve Brand Awaeness,Get Your Website top in Search engine,Boost Your Sales and Standout among your competitors. Our Digital Marketing Agency will work closely with your business to bring up great strategy to manage your budget and Maximaz your profit to incease Return on Investment(RIO).What matters to our Marketing Agency is not just the Campaign Impressions and Click through rate but the Conversions/profit gotten from the Digital Marketing Campaign we conducted. We offer the following Digital Marketing Services Search engine optimization,Adwords PPC Campaign Brand awareness and search listing .Start improving your sales online with our SEO & PPC services.We are the Leading Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria . What are your waiting for ?

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What is Adwords PPC Marketing Tool?
Adwords is a tool in which you can use to get your ads on Google and Pay only when your Ads are clicked. You can be seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching on Google for the things you offer. And only pay when they click to visit your website or call that's the greatest advantage over Traditional Marketing methods such as Newspapers,Tv stations and so on.

Best seo company in Nigeria

Climaxbox as the best seo company in Nigeria everyday we have billions of websites been registered online and the only way to standout is SEO which is search engine optimization,you will need the best seo company in Nigeria to optimize your website for you. In order to increase your website visibility on search engines.

Climaxbox which is the best seo company is ready to bring solution to every business online and bring them to first page on search engine with other Internet Marketing strategies SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is the most important tool in any webmaster’s world thereby making your page noticed and increasing your website exposure.

At climaxbox seo company we value your website visibility and we work around the clock to bring your page to first page to double your sales and make you standout among your competitors which is our greatest interest through seo,as the best seo company in Nigeria we hope to deliver good internet Marketing concepts with quality writing to bring your website/product to first page on Search Engine.
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