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Why Insulation Matters During All Seasons - #HVAC

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Why Insulation Matters During All Seasons
You may think that you don't need to worry about insulation in your Chicago home especially during the hot summer months, but it is important all year. Proper insulation increases the energy efficiency of your home, and even helps to keep it cool during the summer months.
Home Insulation
Home insulation comes in a variety of forms, but it all has the same goal. It is essentially a cover or blanket for your home. It keeps conditioned air from being affected by the air in unconditioned spaces. Considering the cost of maintaining your HVAC system and the desire to manage energy consumption, it is important to ensure that your system does not have to work harder to keep your home at the right temperatures.
How it Works
Heat energy is constantly moving toward colder areas. So when it's cold outside, take the time to identify areas through which heat could be lost. Insulation helps to reduce heat loss or heat transfer. It is typically placed in the attic, around pipes, and in the walls. As an added bonus, it also acts as an acoustic barrier, keeping inside sounds in, and reducing the impact of outdoor noise. Even if you have insulation in your home, it may not be enough or it can become worn down and less effective over time. Your HVAC technician will be able to determine where you need insulation, what type, and how much.
If you live in a warmer climate, then you might not think that it is necessary to insulate your home. Many people might associate this type of product with keeping a home warm. Insulation actually makes a lot of difference during the hot summer months.
Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. offers a range of services designed to improve comfort and efficiency in your home. Call us today at 888-376-2450 to speak with your HVAC expert about insulating your home and saving on your energy bills throughout the year.
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Commercial Air Handler Installation and Service - #HVAC

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Commercial Air Handler Installation and Service
A comfortable indoor environment within your Plainfield-area business is not just important for your comfort, but it is also essential for the health, safety, and well-being of clients and employees, and can also help to preserve sensitive equipment. When considering a commercial HVAC installation such as a new air handling unit, it is important to ensure the unit and installation will be up to code and consider purchase, installation and operating costs as well.
An air handling unit can do much to increase comfort and savings, but you have to select the right unit for your company's needs. Selecting the right unit will also involve considering factors such as the size and nature of the business, and the number of occupants. The unit will also need to be properly installed for you to reap full benefits.
Your Air Handler
An air handler (AHU) is also referred to as an air handling unit. It regulates the circulation of hot or cold air through a building via ductwork. It is a large metal box that is usually placed on the roof of buildings. Larger units contain several heating and cooling elements and are also called packaged or rooftop units. Smaller units contain the air filter, coil, and blower and can be placed indoors.
Modern air handlers are very energy efficient and provide reliable and consistent heating and cooling. They are highly-durable systems that are available in a variety of styles and configurations to enhance operation and facilitate maintenance.
An air handler is a good option when the weather is more on the mild side. This will help you to conserve energy as you won't have to rely on the furnace as much. This efficient use of your heating system keeps you comfortable and helps you to reduce those energy bills.
Indoor vs. Outdoor Air Handlers
When installing a new air handling unit for your business, you have two options: rooftop units and custom designed interior units. Rooftop units offer:

Easy access
Easy installation
Efficient use of space
Built in filtration and humidity controls

Interior air handling units are also an option for business owners. The features of interior air handling units include:

High energy efficiency
Can use water for heating and cooling
Constant inflow of fresh air from the outdoors

Benefits of Installing New Commercial HVAC Systems
Upgrading your air handling unit can decrease your monthly utility costs. Lower monthly expenses can add to your profitability. Today's newest air handling units are more efficient than ever before. They are built with environmentally friendly coolants and use the latest technology to deliver constant and consistent comfort to the indoor environment. If your building was not previously up to code, installation of a new air handling unit can relieve you of this problem and help to make sure that your building meets all local requirements.
Commercial HVAC Installation Services
Climate Master Mechanical, Inc. offers standard HVAC equipment as well as systems designed specifically for your needs. No matter what the size or specific needs of your building, we can provide you with an air handling system that will exceed your highest expectations and bring your building up to local code requirements.
At Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. we have several years of experience serving the Tinley Park, Illinois area. Our technicians are certified and trained in the repair, servicing, maintenance, and installation of a variety of commercial HVAC equipment. We understand that your time is important to you. When you are in need of a new air handling unit or any other HVAC equipment for your business, we offer a wide variety of solutions.
For more information about our commercial air handling units or our current installation specials, call Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. today at 888-376-2450. We will make sure that your HVAC system is in good condition to tackle another Illinois winter.
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4 Ways You Could be Wasting Energy this Winter - #HVAC

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4 Ways You Could be Wasting Energy this Winter
Energy bills can be higher in the winter because of inefficiencies in heating your Chicago, Illinois, home. Fortunately, there are easy ways to stop wasting energy and save money this winter. Start by looking at general habits regarding the use and care of your HVAC system.
Skipping on HVAC maintenance
Having your heating system serviced before winter hits will ensure it works properly and that it will keep you comfortable. Your technician can also alert you to any problems that might be developing so that you can have them addressed in time.
Overheating Your Home
Often when you return home your first impulse might be to increase the thermostat by several degrees when it is cold indoors. This can cause your home to eventually become hotter than needed. At which point you will be forced to either turn off or reduce the thermostat setting by several degrees. Doing this regularly will increase your energy consumption. The best solution is to observe recommended guidelines when programming your thermostat.
Letting Warm Air Out
If you feel a draft anywhere in your home, that means cold air is getting in and your warm air is getting out. Make sure to weatherize your windows and doors, and check to see if you could benefit from adding insulation in your attic. One of the most wasteful things you can do this winter is to let your heat seep through cracks in your doors, windows, and attic.
Wasting Energy While Away
When you are going to be away for more than a few hours, make sure you unplug small appliances, computers, printers, and other items that will pull energy. Also consider turning down the heat in your home, or programming your thermostat so that it uses less energy while you are away.
Stop energy waste in your home. Call 888-376-2450 to speak with the experts at Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. to find out more ways you can save energy and lower your utility bills this winter.
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Are Your Ducts Properly Sealed and Insulated? They Should Be - #HVAC

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Are Your Ducts Properly Sealed and Insulated? They Should Be If your home has a forced air system, you have ductwork that transports the heated or cooled air and distributes it throughout the house. Making sure the ducts are properly sealed and insulated will keep home energy costs as low as possible while keeping your home comfortable in the process.
Sealing Ducts
Ducts are made of fiberglass, aluminium, steel, fabric, sheet metal, and other materials. In many homes, up to 20 percent of the heated and cooled air is lost as a result of leaks and holes throughout the ductwork. It is critical that you make sure your home's ductwork is leak-free and securely fastened at the seams.
There are a few signs that can indicate leaks in your home's ductwork.

Your heating and cooling bills have increased without any change in your use of the system. If your ducts have leaks, air is not flowing effectively through the system. Your air conditioner will, therefore, have to work harder to provide more comfortable temperatures. This increased energy consumption in turn drives up your energy bill.

The inefficient airflow will also make it difficult to maintain comfortable temperatures in one or more rooms in your home, regardless of the time of year. The air might also feel stuffy

Reduction in air quality. Leaky ducts can cause contaminants to pollute your indoor air. Contaminants can include dust, bacteria and pollen. Excessive accumulation of dust throughout your home could be a true sign of problems with your ducts.

You notice a difference in the pressure come through the vents.

Apart from introducing viruses and bacteria into your indoor air, leaky ducts could result in more serious problems such as back drafting harmful gases into your home. Any gas leaks from your water heater, furnace or stove, for example, could result in harmful substances such as carbon monoxide (CO) entering your indoor air. Ensure that you have carbon monoxide detectors installed in your home to monitor CO levels. If you suspect leaks in your home's ductwork it is best to contact a professional HVAC contractor who has the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to properly seal the ductwork. A professional contractor is a good idea particularly if you have extensive ductwork in hard to access areas.
Your contractor will use items such as duct mastic to seal the seams and joints of your ductwork. There are different types of materials that can be used to repair ductwork. Your contractor will be able to select the type that is most appropriate and effective.
Insulating Ducts
Another concern besides leaks in the ductwork is how well it is insulated. If you have ductwork running through non-conditioned areas of your home like the attic or basement, you may be losing some of the conditioned air through the ductwork. Insulation will reduce heat transfer via the ducts. During the cooling season, warm air from the unconditioned spaces around the ducts will affect the air passing through the ducts, making it harder to cool your home. The same is true during the heating season, where warm air passing through the ductwork will be affected by the colder air surrounding the ducts. In both cases, the energy-efficiency of your system will be reduced as it has to work harder to provide the right temperatures to your home. If you are making repairs to the ductwork, it is a good time to also add insulation to the ductwork in the unconditioned parts of your home.
Save energy, and improve your comfort and indoor air quality with effective duct sealing and insulation. If you need an experienced and reliable HVAC contractor to make sure ducts are properly sealed and insulated, contact Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. at 888-376-2450. We've proudly served our neighbors in Chicagoland for over 23 years.
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Why a Furnace Inspection Is Imporant Each Year

To keep your heating system in peak operating condition, an annual furnace inspection is essential so your home stays comfortably warm throughout our brutal Chicagoland winters.
What to Expect During the Inspection
This maintenance check should be ideally scheduled sometime during fall, so your system will be ready to for the harsh winter season ahead. Your HVAC technician will thoroughly check all parts of your system, including:
Checking that the thermostat is calibrated correctly, and functioning properly.
Cleaning and lubricating various components.
Tightening parts as necessary.
Checking the wiring and terminals and inspecting the heat exchanger(s) for signs of corrosion and damage.
Inspecting and replacing parts if necessary.
Checking the condition of the gas lines, and testing the connections for leaks.
Inspecting the ductwork for leaks and any obstructions that might restrict airflow.
Cleaning or replacing the furnace filter.

After analyzing specific components, your technician will ensure the system is performing efficiently overall.
Benefits of Annual Furnace Inspection
The tasks your HVAC technician performs during this yearly maintenance visit bring you a number of important benefits including:

Protecting you from potential hazards such as lethal carbon monoxide (CO) and gas leaks, and the risk of a fire or explosion.
Preventing unnecessary wear and tear on your heating system's components by replacing old or damaged parts.
Identifying and correcting small problems before they escalate into expensive repairs.
Improving the system's energy efficiency, so you save money on your annual heating costs.

Routine maintenance can help to prolong the life of your system. Many persons will try to save money and skip maintenance because they see nothing wrong with the system's performance. Your technician is likely to discover potential problems you were unable to detect. Considering the furnace has not been used for several months, it is best to have it inspected to ensure there are no problems when you need it most. In addition, taking care of your system will help it to last longer, and reduces the need for frequent repairs, or early replacement. In this way, you save more over the long run.
To learn more about the benefits of scheduling a yearly furnace inspection in your Chicago area home, contact Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. today at 888-376-2450. Our technicians have the solutions you need to keep your home safe and comfortable this winter season.
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5 Ways to Keep Your Indoor Air Clean
The air in your home or office might be more polluted than you realize. Indoor air has been found to be more polluted that outdoor air — even more than 100 times more polluted. Some of this pollution does come from outside, but a lot of it is generated indoors. Considering the potential impact on health, it is very important that you actively seek to keep your indoor air free of contaminants.
Ensure Your HVAC System is Efficient
Your HVAC system does more than just heat and cool your home — it can impact your indoor air quality positively or negatively. An efficient HVAC system will effectively circulate air throughout your home. Your system's air filter will remove pollutants as they pass through, and this is only possible if the filter is clean. A clogged or dirty filter will not effectively allow clean air to pass through. You should clean or replace your filter regularly, especially during periods of extensive use such as the peak of summer or the heart of the cold season.
Your HVAC system can easily become dirty and a breeding ground for mold. It is very important to keep all areas including the ductwork clean. Dirt in any area of the system easily ends up in your indoor air. Regular maintenance is one way to ensure your system receives the care it needs. Maintenance will also reveal damage to equipment such as the furnace, which can lead to leak of substances such as dangerous carbon monoxide.
Fix Leaks
Leaks can also develop in other areas of your home. Leaking pipes can result in the accumulation of moisture which can result in mold growth. Mold can result in a variety of health issues such as allergic reactions and asthma. It is very important to control moisture to prevent further growth of mold and the spread of mold spores.
Leaks in ducts or leaks from windows or doors can result in contaminants entering your indoor air. For leaks that you can see in exposed ducts, contact your HVAC technician. Your HVAC technician will also be able to locate and repair leaks in other areas of the ductwork. Weatherstripping and caulk will effectively get rid of cracks or gaps in windows or doors.
Avoid Harmful Chemicals
Insect repellents and household cleaners, for example, can contain harmful chemicals. Some of these substances can be dangerous if inhaled and quite toxic if ingested. These products, along with furnishings, contain volatile organic compounds(VOCs). If they must be used, carefully follow instructions for use and storage. Alternatively, look for products that are made from natural or environmentally-friendly substances.
Be Diligent About Cleaning
Keep a lid on your garbage, and be sure to remove it from indoors as soon as possible. Garbage quickly emits a foul odor which easily spreads throughout your home. Thoroughly clean kitchen surfaces to get rid of food odors. Have a regular cleaning routine to help to keep your indoor air clean and fresh. That involves thorough dusting and vacuuming to get rid of pollutants such as pollen, dust mites, and pet dander. If you used your ceiling fan to help with cooling this summer, be sure to clean the blades as they quickly accumulate dust which will circulate through the air as soon as the fan is turned on again.
Professional Indoor Air Quality Assessment
There can be many dangers lurking in your air that you cannot see or smell, or that might be located in areas you cannot access. In addition, special equipment is often needed to detect harmful substances such as radon. Professional air quality testing is the most effective way for you to be able to identify and adequately address indoor air quality threats.
Poor indoor air is not a matter to be taken lightly. It can result in symptoms that range from minor skin, ear, nose and throat irritation, to more serious problems such as chronic asthma and lung cancer. Problems with indoor air are not just limited to our homes, our workplaces and other buildings also present threats to our health. Poor indoor air also doesn't just affect our health. Mold, for example, can result in structural damage which is often seen on window frames. This mold damage can also occur within the walls, and behind appliances and other fixtures.
Indoor air quality problems can be remedied, but it is important that you take action as soon as possible. Contact your indoor air quality experts, Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. today at (888) 376-2450 to ensure your home or office is safe and comfortable for everyone. We also provide other services and systems that further enhance indoor air quality. Call and schedule an appointment today!
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