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I'm going to share this circle once again because I know there are tons of Linux users out there. If you are one, and you're not in this circle, comment and I will instantly add you to it.
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You've both been added then! :)
I would like to be added into the circle!
Right here buddy. 11 years of Linux under my belt.
All of you who have commented have now been added.
+Cliff Wade Next time you share this, please notify those people who are in this circle... So I won't miss it (and it help re-sharing). ;)
I thought when you shared a circle it notified everyone in it ? How would notify everyone in the circle ?
Also a Linux user. Started with SUSE and Slackware, but got lazy and moved to Kubuntu later on.
+Cliff Wade No, you have to separately notify people about post... If you share it public, just add this circle to recipients and choose notify option for those people.
If you post publicly it shows up in everyone's stream that has you in it. Likely not everyone in that circle has you in their circles. So adding the circle itself to the recipients would notify them that a circle is being shared.
Ah ok. I'll try that next time I share this circle. Probably again this Friday.
Peppermint (ubuntu distro) user and lover here , Only operating system onboard for well over a year now, please add me to your circle.
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