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Cliff Wade

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Stream starts at 8pm EST(20 minutes from now) and I'll be playing some more Crimson Doubles.

Come check it out and let me know that you're watching and tuned in and let's chat and chill.

#HypeNation #HypeItUp #Destiny #VideoGames #Geek #Gamer #Gaming #Streaming #LiveStream #SupportSmallerStreams #Fallout #Fallout4 #FO4 #CoD #CoD3 #CallOfDuty #GuardianOutpost #Twitch #TwitchUsers #GTAV #PlayStation4 #PS4 #XBoxOne #XB1 #ConsoleGaming #ConsoleGamer
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Cliff Wade

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Is this something new from the +Google+ folks? I've never seen this before.

+Derek Ross +Natalie Villalobos 
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+Derek Ross Oh, she's not? Who took her place, any idea?
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Cliff Wade

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G+ Web Preview Update Feb 10
Today we're starting to roll out several improvements and bug fixes on the new Google+ Web preview including:

* 102 bug fixes
* Search for members in a Community
* Upload multiple images at once (from your device) to a post
* Approve or reject comments we (G+) flag as spam

Please keep sending us your ideas and issues using the Send Feedback menu item. We continue to listen and make changes.
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Cliff Wade

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Fun little game to play. Quite difficult, but still fun.
Tap the ball carefully through each obstacle and your ball will switch colo...
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Cliff Wade

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I played the hell out of Alto's Adventure during the few months that I had my iPhone 6 and have been waiting for it to come to Android. That time will finally arrive day after tomorrow and I can't wait.

If you've never played Alto's Adventure, I highly recommend you do so. It'll probably cost about $4 - $5 as a one time purchase and there are absolutely NO in-app purchases(at least there wasn't on iOS) and that's totally awesome.

Be on the look out for this kick ass game in less than 48 hours.

#Android   #AltosAdventure  
It's almost time to hit the slopes with @altosadventure on @GooglePlay! Embedded image. 8:27 AM - 9 Feb 2016. 3 Retweets5 Likes. Reply to @NoodlecakeGames. Replies. KiwwwiMaster. 27m27 minutes ago. KiwwwiMaster @KiwwwiM. @NoodlecakeGames @altosadventure @GooglePlay why not today D: ...
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Worthy of spending Google credit! 
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Cliff Wade

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Huge thanks to the kick ass folks over at +Performance Designed Products (PDP)​ for sending over some superb products for me to review over at +TechDissected​
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Cliff Wade

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This image seriously sums up the #SuperBowl   #HalftimeShow  so perfectly well.

I actually like all three artists that were there, but it's become such a damn joke now days. 

Yet one more way the #NFL  is screwing up their own sport.

#NFL   #SuperBowl   #HalftimeShow   #BrunoMars   #Beyonce   #ColdPlay   #Fail  
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The halftime show was great imo.  I enjoyed it thoroughly
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Cliff Wade

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Huge thanks to the awesome folks at +Huawei Device USA​ for sending this over to review on +TechDissected

#Android #Wear #SmartWatch #Geek #Nerd #Huawei #HuaweiDevices 
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+Bryan Sinclair lulz
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Cliff Wade

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Cliff Wade

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+K.P. Smith LOL Right. I was actually interviewed today by a streamer that has 4,000+ followers and he does a small streamer thing called Streamer Spotlight and that really helped me as I got 20+ follows today from that.
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Cliff Wade

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This is fucking BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

So glad his punk ass is sitting on the other side and not playing in the #SuperBowl  

#Adele   #Hello   #FromTheOtherSide  
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Good point. Not like I was boo'ing. But I did laugh. Enough people hate on the man that much...he must be doing something wrong/right (all depends on perspective.)
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  • Klein Oak High School
    1985 - 1989
  • Hildebrandt Junior High
    1983 - 1985
  • Arnold Junior High
    1982 - 1983
  • Millsap Elementary
    1976 - 1981
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Technology addict who is addicted to music, things that go beep, the internet and Android. Founder/Chief Editor of
I am a technology enthusiast who always wants the latest and greatest gadget and gizmo. I'm addicted to music and have some kind or form of it playing every single second that I possibly can. I'm a very large supporter of the Android community in every way possible. I also happen to be highly addicted to icons on my mobile device.

Founder/Chief Editor:

Android Devices: Motorola Moto X Pure(2015), Motorola Moto X 2014, LG Watch Urbane

Computers/Laptops: Toshiba Satellite S55T-C5250-4K, Custom built desktop, HP ChromeBook

Gaming Consoles: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, XBox 360, XBox One

Linux: I've been using Linux in some form since around 2001. I've tried or used just about every flavor of Linux out there over the years. I started with Mandrake(which later became Mandriva). I used that distro as my main distro for around 9 - 10 years. I have tried such things as Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Debian, Fedora Core(later became just Fedora), Slackware, Lindows, PCLinuxOS, Mageia, Yellow Dog Linux and countless others along the way. I am now using Fedora as my main distro.

Music: I can't function without this. There is always music playing somewhere around me 24/7. Whether I'm at home, work, in a vehicle or whatever. If I have a way, I'll definitely be playing some music. I'm not just a one genre type person. I like all types of music. From hard metal to opera. I listen to it all. My favorite genres, in no particular order, are: Alternative, Rock, Metal, New Country, Pop, 80's, Top 40, Electronica, Hair Bands, New Wave/Techno and Old Country. But I of course don't limit myself to just those.

Electronics: If it beeps, plugs into a wall or takes batteries, then chances are I'm addicted to it. I started at a very young age with such things as hand held video games, Atari 2600 and other great stuff that pioneered us into what we have today. The Commodore 64/128 and the Nintendo Entertainment System(NES) is what really transformed me into a true technology nut.

Android: I'm seriously addicted to Google's mobile OS they call Android. In my opinion it's the best type of technology to come about in a very long time, dating back to when the internet first came about. All I can say is Android is simply amazing and getting better every single day. Thanks to Android I've met a ton of new people that have truly brought a lot of goods things into my life that I'm very thankful for. I work for TeslaCoilSW, the makers of Nova Launcher, Nova Launcher Prime, WidgetLocker and other Android apps. 

Video Games: I love video games. I started playing them when I was somewhere around 5 or 6 years old and have played them ever since. I've had just about every video game system possible and currently play on the PlayStation 4 and the XBox One. I also do a bit of streaming to Twitch and to YouTube. My PSN is: CliffWade and my XBox GamerTag is: CliffordWade

Circles That You Could Include Me In:
  • Android
  • Mobile technology
  • Wearable technology
  • Writing/Blogging
  • General technology
  • Technology news
  • Computers
  • Social media
  • Music
  • Electronics
  • Sports
Google+ Communities I Own Or Moderate:

My Google+ Collections:

I like to write about any and all things tech related and do so on my website, as well as write about all things Android related over at in my spare time.

I am a huge Houston Texans fan and love Star Wars as well as my father who means the world to me. I have 2 awesome kids as well as a fantastic girlfriend, Bianca Lucas-Wade. Shooting pool, playing foosball, video games, drinking Dr. Pepper and eating Doritos are some of my favorite pastimes.

I have a father, Guffy Wade, who is much more than a father to me in so many ways. He's my best friend, life saver and confidant and I proudly call him POPS! 

Was part of Google+ the day it launched(June 29th, 2011). Was also one of the first ones to have a Google Gmail account. And no, I didn't have to buy an invite from eBay either!

I spend a lot of hours on social media and social networking as it's a great way to meet new and exciting people to interact with. Some of those people I've had a pleasure of meeting in real life and hopefully soon I'll get to meet many more. 

If you have any questions or want to know anything further, please feel free to ask. If you need help with anything that I might know something about, don't hesitate to message me and I will certainly try my best to help.
Bragging rights
I've seen 48 out of 50 states and have traveled to Mexico a few times along the way. Have seen some things that a lot of people only dream of seeing.
Currently working at TeslaCoilSW/Nova Launcher and running on a day to day basis.
  • TeslaCoilSW/Nova Launcher
    PR/Emails/Social Media, 2015 - present
    Answer all support emails for Nova Launcher and Widget Locker, work directly with Kevin Barry, help run the Nova Launcher Beta Google+ community.
    Founder/Chief Editor, 2014 - present
    Chief Editor and Founder of from 5/1/2014 and currently still in charge.
    Author/Contributor, 2014 - present
    Blogging about all things Android.
    Chief Editor/Founder, 2012 - 2014
    Chief Editor and Founder of from 9/2/2012 until its change over to on 5/1/2014.
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