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I am going to be hosting a Speedpaint Hangout in 2 hours which will last 2 hours. 
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Going to try and make it, but work might get in the way :(
At work, but I just might be able to listen in... will it be a many people speedpainting or just you?
+Juan Ochoa probably just me. That is if anyone is actually available. Not sure if I will be doing it on air or not. 
+Jeff Coffman well hopefully there will be guests otherwise there might not be anything to listen to. 
+Cliff Roth I'll be able to participate if you wish to invite me... :-)  In about 1 hr 10 minutes from now?  Would you like to have some more people, could I help with the Europeans?
Damn, I'm always at work! How cool would it be to have a +Cliff Roth portrait done?!
+Paul Stickland absolutely!

The rest of the week I will probably be doing them after work instead of before so 12 hours later than the one today.
I am new to Google + and the hangout thing. How does this work? LOL!
+Cliff Roth - if you could include me on the hangout invite, I would really appreciate it!
+Seppo Alaruikka and +Jamie Ladronka done. 
+Michelle Hernandez when I start the hangout I will be sending out invites to join it. If you would like to join you click the 'join hangout' button. It is best if you have working webcam and mic. Though it does have an internal microphone as well. 

Alternatively you can watch the Hangout as this will be On Air and broadcast on my page and Youtube channel. 
Sweet! It's going to be my lunch time and ups my chance of joining even though I'm at work. lol!

You've been doing this for more than a year now +Cliff Roth  keep it up! o_O
I would love to join your Speedpaint Hangout. Thanks for the invite.
Well have a good laugh, I certainly feel silly. Note to self check the date of post. Catch you next time.
No need to feel silly at all. Tomorrow night I might be hosting one around midnight EST. 
Very cool!  Would that be tonight or tomorrow?  I met some very cool people yesterday - Seppo, Paul, Jaana, and Ivano.
Probably tonight if I feel awake enough after work. 
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