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Finally got around to finishing my end of the caricature trade between me and +Rodney Pike that you can read about here:
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Excellent job Cliff. Great detail looks like you put a few hours in on this one. I appreciate it very much and it will go on my wall of friends' art.
+Jorma Kauppi the hardware is a Wacom Cintiq (which is a graphics tablet) attached to an Imac. The software is photoshop though i sometimes do the initial sketching in Sketchbook Pro. 
Wow, Cliff! A M A Z I N G!! Love the light play and the expression.
how do u work on the hair?! such detail! please share ur technique
+Eugene Wang it will be in an upcoming video. Essentially I place down large brush strokes for the large masses than smaller ones on top.Dark to light in this case. 
i cant say anything every time i see your amazing stunning skills
gawd! please tag me in ur tutorial when u do post it up!
thanks! awesome work btw!
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