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Cliffcature, clifFroth, Froth, Full of Froth
I think I exist but I could be wrong and if I am, who am I to care?
i am probably best known on Google Plus for my Speedpaint Hangouts though I haven't hosted them nearly as frequently as of late. For more information about them please read the FAQ at the bottom of this page. 

I am a candy maker by day and an artist by night.
 Actually that isn't true at all. I am an artist 24/7 and I technically work night-shift making candy.

Random facts about me:
- I love to theorize about business and accurately predicted Boston Market's downfall 2 years before they sold out to McDonald's
- I am a self-deprecating narcissist 
- I have a very warped sense of humor
- I am a big GWAR fan. 
- I am an optimist with a healthy sense of paranoia The glass is half full, but with what exactly?
- I work for Mars Inc making M&Ms but in no way shape or form speak for them. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own. 
- I can hold mutually exclusive thoughts in my head.
- I don't drink/ smoke/ eat brussel sprouts
- I don't particularly like sports.- I have artwork for sale here

I am a moderator for three communities:
Digital Painting
G+ Caricature Community:
Gwar Friends and Fans

Here is a selection of past posts:
Suggested Changes to the New (May 2013) Layout:

Google Plus is Not a Social Network

PSA Forcing Notifcation

Business Lessons I Gleaned From Dr. Seuss

The Tale of My First Gwar Show

Lessons Learned

Speedpaint Hangout Interview Thing 1st episode

Speedpaint Hangout FAQ:

Q: How do I get on the list to be Speedpainted?
A: Express your interest to me and I will add you to my 'To Be Speedpainted Circle' which gets invited into my Speedpaint Hangouts first.  Then just pop into one my Speedpaint Hangouts and you _might_ get painted.  Alternatively you can pay me $40 and you _will_ be painted. 

Q: How often do you do Speedpaint Hangouts?
A: Nowadays infrequently. Their unexpected boost to my popularity had the great side-effect of boosting the number of commissions I get. This in turn takes away from hangout time. That being said I love hosting them and will do them when I can.

Q: How do we find out when you are doing them?
A: On rare occasions I will schedule them a day or so in advance like I did for the Cliffathon but most of the time about 15 minutes prior to holding one I will let my 'Kickstarter Backers' circle know followed by my 'To Be Speedpainted' circle. After giving these circles a chance to get in the Hangout I will invite other circles in.

Q: How long do the speedpaints take?
A: It varies on whether I am focusing more on speed or quality in my quest to narrow the gap between the two. I have done them in as little as 10 and as long as an hour. For those who pay I make sure I focus on the quality aspect rather than the speed. 

Q: How much do you charge?
A:  I don't charge for the speedpaints themselves. I charge for the guarantee of getting one. For that it is $40. 

For fully rendered pieces such as those in this album:

prices start at $400 and go up.

Q: I know your speedpaints are free but I want to tip you, what is the best way to do that?
A: Glad you asked! I have a wishlist on Amazon. Feel free to order me something from it!

Q: What hardware/software do you use?
    Paint program: Photoshop CS5
    Manipulating the pixels on screen: I use a Wacom Cintiq 21UX

Bragging rights
I have 6 kids. I caught Jizmak's drumstick at the end of a Gwar concert in Montclair NJ. At 17 I accurately predicted the downfall of Boston Market while working there. Won a department store Easter coloring contest when I was a kid though I don't recall at what age.
Hangout Innovator, Freelance Artist, Professional Candymaker
Digital Painting, Character Design, Creature Design, Speaking in front of large groups of 2 or less, Writing, Feigning Interest,
  • Freelance Artist
    1978 - present
  • Mars, Incorporated
    1998 - present
  • Thinker
  • Speedpaint Master of the Googleverse (or so I have been dubbed)


Cliff Roth

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My two latest pieces. Both are available as 11 x 14 prints for $25. Email me to order one. fulloffroth at gmail
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+Rose Brooks yes you can see them at
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Cliff Roth

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Some of my previous pet portraits. You can order your own on my website
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wow so best work.. superb.. blessings
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Cliff Roth

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The free standing #zombie #cat horde is growing.
This time with a little #derp
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That man is not south african
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Cliff Roth

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I can't believe its been 20 years since I graduated High School. In order to celebrate this I am offering a 20% discount on orders for this summer. 
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It's been 25 years for me 
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Cliff Roth

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King K.K. watching over my editing progress today.

(artwork by +Cliff Roth​)
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+Lungelo Njabulo what kind of problem?
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Cliff Roth

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This looks like a pretty sweet project. 
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Cliff Roth

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Some of my previous pet portraits. You can order your own on my website
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Cliff Roth

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Some ballpoint pen pieces that I have done. Most of the originals are still available for purchase. You can also buy copies of them or commission something different. Contact me for more info:
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Oh my world
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Cliff Roth

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My favorite project from the past year is when I took +Dan Soto's profile image and digitally painted 12 versions of him which i combined in this one image I call 'A Dozen Dans'.

Email me to commission something similar!
fulloffroth at gmail. 
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Im walcom
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Cliff Roth

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Finally launched my new site. Check it out and let me know what you think!
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Cliff Roth

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Finally launched my new site. Check it out and let me know what you think!
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Thank you +Boipelo Manamela 
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Cliff Roth

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I have been snapping fairly regularly. If you are on there check out my story.  Thus far I have been updating it more than anything else. Its a peak behind the proverbial curtain at my world. 
Been toying around with this
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search for traditional gowns 
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