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Cliffcature, clifFroth, Froth, Full of Froth
I think I exist but I could be wrong and if I am, who am I to care?
i am probably best known on Google Plus for my Speedpaint Hangouts though I haven't hosted them nearly as frequently as of late. For more information about them please read the FAQ at the bottom of this page. 

I am a candy maker by day and an artist by night.
 Actually that isn't true at all. I am an artist 24/7 and I technically work night-shift making candy.

Random facts about me:
- I love to theorize about business and accurately predicted Boston Market's downfall 2 years before they sold out to McDonald's
- I am a self-deprecating narcissist 
- I have a very warped sense of humor
- I am a big GWAR fan. 
- I am an optimist with a healthy sense of paranoia The glass is half full, but with what exactly?
- I work for Mars Inc making M&Ms but in no way shape or form speak for them. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own. 
- I can hold mutually exclusive thoughts in my head.
- I don't drink/ smoke/ eat brussel sprouts
- I don't particularly like sports.- I have artwork for sale here

I am a moderator for three communities:
Digital Painting
G+ Caricature Community:
Gwar Friends and Fans

Here is a selection of past posts:
Suggested Changes to the New (May 2013) Layout:

Google Plus is Not a Social Network

PSA Forcing Notifcation

Business Lessons I Gleaned From Dr. Seuss

The Tale of My First Gwar Show

Lessons Learned

Speedpaint Hangout Interview Thing 1st episode

Speedpaint Hangout FAQ:

Q: How do I get on the list to be Speedpainted?
A: Express your interest to me and I will add you to my 'To Be Speedpainted Circle' which gets invited into my Speedpaint Hangouts first.  Then just pop into one my Speedpaint Hangouts and you _might_ get painted.  Alternatively you can pay me $40 and you _will_ be painted. 

Q: How often do you do Speedpaint Hangouts?
A: Nowadays infrequently. Their unexpected boost to my popularity had the great side-effect of boosting the number of commissions I get. This in turn takes away from hangout time. That being said I love hosting them and will do them when I can.

Q: How do we find out when you are doing them?
A: On rare occasions I will schedule them a day or so in advance like I did for the Cliffathon but most of the time about 15 minutes prior to holding one I will let my 'Kickstarter Backers' circle know followed by my 'To Be Speedpainted' circle. After giving these circles a chance to get in the Hangout I will invite other circles in.

Q: How long do the speedpaints take?
A: It varies on whether I am focusing more on speed or quality in my quest to narrow the gap between the two. I have done them in as little as 10 and as long as an hour. For those who pay I make sure I focus on the quality aspect rather than the speed. 

Q: How much do you charge?
A:  I don't charge for the speedpaints themselves. I charge for the guarantee of getting one. For that it is $40. 

For fully rendered pieces such as those in this album:

prices start at $400 and go up.

Q: I know your speedpaints are free but I want to tip you, what is the best way to do that?
A: Glad you asked! I have a wishlist on Amazon. Feel free to order me something from it!

Q: What hardware/software do you use?
    Paint program: Photoshop CS5
    Manipulating the pixels on screen: I use a Wacom Cintiq 21UX

Bragging rights
I have 6 kids. I caught Jizmak's drumstick at the end of a Gwar concert in Montclair NJ. At 17 I accurately predicted the downfall of Boston Market while working there. Won a department store Easter coloring contest when I was a kid though I don't recall at what age.
Hangout Innovator, Freelance Artist, Professional Candymaker
Digital Painting, Character Design, Creature Design, Speaking in front of large groups of 2 or less, Writing, Feigning Interest,
  • Freelance Artist
    1978 - present
  • Mars, Incorporated
    1998 - present
  • Thinker
  • Speedpaint Master of the Googleverse (or so I have been dubbed)


Cliff Roth

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A kickass new vid from one of my favorite bands, Johnny B. Morbid.
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Cliff Roth

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I have started a gofundme campaign to raise money for the Summer of Science Camp I wish to start this year in my community.

Please help out if you can! 

Thank you,
La Vergne

#teacher   #TUTOR   #blogsofaugust   #STEMwomen   #STEM   #STREaM   #science   #scienceteachingandlearning  
I, Dr. La Vergne Lester Thatch, am the owner and tutor of/at The Education STREaM, Inc. This summer, 2015, we are planning a Summer of Science Camp. We are in need of transportation to pick up and drop off students and take them on field trips. We are looking for a van or transportation that will...
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You are welcome.
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Cliff Roth

commented on a video on YouTube.
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I loved the movie and really only had 2 problems with it.

 1- No Coulson. that was a let down. I really would have liked to see him. I did like how AoS led right into the movie but Coulson should have been in it.

2- The traffic or more accurately the complete lack of it. In all the aerial shots there didn't seem to be a speck of traffic in the whole city. Even without Avengers running amok there would be normal traffic. When they are fighting Ultron on the truck the vehicles  around them wouldn't have been behaving like nothing abnormal was going on. That really took me out of the movie temporarily. Sure I can accept aliens and powered beings but a lack of traffic in a city? Fuck no.
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+saro ban I think he's just too bland to be a cigar-chewing Shield agent. Seems like the MCU thinks Shield somehow are like the FBI. They are not, they are a paramilitary organisation created by essentially characters from the Wild Bunch and the Dirty Dozen. 
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Cliff Roth

commented on a video on YouTube.
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+Tom Richmond has a great blog post about this exact topic:

Also +CrashCourse recently launched an IP course on their YouTube channel:
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Cliff Roth

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I am a sucker for practical effects. +byron rempel this is right in your wheelhouse. 
HELP GHOST TREK GET YOUR GHOUL ON! A FEATURE FILM BY MICHAEL G. PLUMIDES, JR. | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!
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Twin sister sharing husband
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Cliff Roth

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Anyone know why when you do a search for a hashtag, you can't switch to 'most recent'? 
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E do estrangueiro
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Cliff Roth

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#tbt some old GWAR artwork that I have done. 
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very very goob
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Cliff Roth

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Anyone know a potential reason that when I go to comment on YouTube, I turn into a 'blue head' and can't post it?
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O gta tem algum código secreto 
 ·  Translate
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Cliff Roth

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This has to be the best children's book I have heard in a while. 
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Funny if you read as a ADULT!
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Cliff Roth

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One of my favorite caricaturists.
All images on this site are copyright © 2003 byTom Richmond, (except those specifically credited to other artists, in which case are copyright © by the individual artist) all rights reserved, and cannot be duplicated, printed, displayed or used in any fashion without the express written consent ...
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I am well.
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Cliff Roth

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Made this vid the other day to show the current progress on my #foam #puppet
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Cliff Roth

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#tbt #caricature Here is a playlist outlining one of the process I use when making a caricature.
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