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Cliff Ritter
Marketing the world one pixel at a time!
Marketing the world one pixel at a time!

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Hello,  We have had a client had administrative action taken on their GTM account.  See message here;

"Because we have received no response, we've been forced to take administrative control of this account.  We are now in the process of disabling the Malware tags in your container.
It's very important that we're able to contact you on matters such as this.  You will be unable to edit or republish the containers on this account until we hear from you, and have resolved the issue."

My client removed the TAG and FIXED the problem but neglected to reply back to the email.  How can they get this issue resolved and the account lock undone?


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Contest Test

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Ice storm really is remarkable. 

Holy ICE!  When is Toronto going to get back to normal and when can I sleep at night knowing my 'power' is safe?
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