White Paper: Harmonizing Crowdfunding within Canada

By +Lisa Boucher & +Cliff Pavlovic, Ph.D.

"In Canada, we currently have a number of entrepreneurs and dedicated inventors who do not have access to sufficient start-up capital, thus stifling innovation and economic growth. By analyzing global trends over the last few years, crowdfunding has been shown to make a huge impact in entrepreneurial and even business needs."

"An overview of the state of global crowdfunding shows that it is growing and has the ability to impact multiple industries. As for the current situation of crowdfunding in Canada, it is nascent with potential for growth. Now the role it can play in economic development is important, especially for entrepreneurship: a sector that had the most crowdfunding volume worldwide, nearly US$7 billion (in 2014)."

Read more here: http://ow.ly/Ydzoc

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