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Everyone in this circle is amazing. Feel free to add and re-share.
(Still in the process of adding more to it)

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Leon K
Why thank you, sir. 
Great circle, thanks for the share.
+Cliff Loresco You are too kind.  Particularly since we root for different hockey teams!  You too are in my amazing-people circle.
Laura D
Thanks Cliff =) You are awesome also!
Aww I only just saw this, but thanks! I do appreciate being called amazing ;)
OMG this is the 1st time I have seen a shared circle with little ole me in it - woohoo... oooo I wonder what I did to get such an honour? :D thank you :)
You're all welcome guys! Have a stellar Friday!
Not too sure. Maybe try this. After you've posted your request into your game stream, re-share it into your Township circle. I haven't tried that but I think that's the way to do it. Hope that helps..
Thanks. I used a software program called Gimp and it wasn't easy. I can try and help u out if you're planning to make one but I barely know much about how to use it lol
+Cliff Loresco You lost me at 'software program' lol. I use apps as it's the only thing I have the patience to learn these days. But will have a look at it thanks ;)
+Steven Wright yeah I was just thinking where I'd start if I made "how to" guide. I'd end up just posting the youtube link that used lol. Oh and it is free, otherwise I wouldn't have used it haha
Haha, nice idea! Ill dig up that YouTube link for u when I get home later. I should have it bookmarked I think..
Np, and ill try and help u out with it. Cheers