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Adapt or Die!
Adapt or Die!

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I add people (trust) pretty quickly, but will call foul just as quickly if you don't back up what you say. Dissenting opinions and ideas backed up by facts is how people effectively communicate ideas and prevent misunderstanding.

On a general note, I attempt to portray humor in some of my comments as a way of showing that I am not rage posting, and have no intention of attacking people personally. I attack ideas, not people. That said, I'm told that I am rather ineffectual at portraying such humor, so I apologize for any unintended slight.

Post & Comment Policy
TL;DR: I delete misinformed or hateful comments. My roof, my rules. I will respect the same

Now, while it is true that I have no problem deleting comments, the only reason I will delete one is:
1: For posting misinformation.
In other words, you posted a comment presenting false information as true, or posted suspicious information without a source. If you are presenting a viewpoint different from the original post, include links or references to your facts. This is especially true in the Settled Science collection, and in that case I am likely to only allow peer reviewed scientific studies from a reputable journal to serve as facts.

Before you scream hypocrite, note that I require this of my own posts and comments too, so if I miss something tell me. I don't want to post misinformation any more than I want you doing it.

2: Acting like a jerk. If you can't find a way to be civil, go do it on your own stream. This includes hating on any race, gender, nationality, etc., for any reason. There is no excuse for treating others badly on my posts. If you can't post reasonably, don't post.

3: Trolling. See #2 above. If you're acting like a jerk to get people to react, then I have bad news for you - you're just being a jerk. The good news is that you can change. Think about the person typing on the other keyboard as an actual person, with parents, a job, possibly kids, a dog, a cat, etc. You might discover you actually enjoy a conversation for a change.

For those not yet familiar with Google Plus, each person controls the content of their own posts & collections. This means that they get to say what the rules are on those posts & collections.

Circles and Collections allow you to follow people you like and ignore the ones you don't, so use them.
Google has plenty of tutorials on how to do this, so if you're new, spend a little time to learn how to use the tool you turned on:

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If we don't need to keep corporations in check - prevent them from gouging you on pricing - why did they spend over $100 Million to get Net Neutrality removed? Ask yourself why a business would spend this much on legislation that has failed to pass several times in the past. The answer is that they can gouge several times that much from their customers without Net Neutrality.

#BoughtAndPaidFor #AjitPai #FCC

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+Consumer Reports, your author got the facts wrong on this report. She said the iRobot model 890 does mapping, but it doesn't. That requires the next model up, and another $200. I haven't double-checked the other robot features for accuracy. You might want to.

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3D printing, with lasers? It certainly goes faster. Seems like it could be a cleaner print, too.

Hat tip to +HACKADAY for the share

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+Research at Google has open sourced their Deep Variant AI, a genome sequencer which is more accurate than all other available methods. It is an updated version of the Deep Variant build on TensorFlow that won the "PrecisionFDA Truth Challenge award for highest SNP accuracy" last year.

"This, according to DePristo, frees bioinformaticians and statisticians from having to create models for each new piece of instrumentation. 'If you can solve the variant calling problem in an automated way, you can repurpose them to many of the other problems that we don't have solutions for yet, but desperately need people to spend more time on,' he said."

"'What is a significant but not astronomical increase in accuracy in humans becomes an enormous increase in accuracy in plants, not because DeepVariant is doing disproportionately well in plants,' DePristo said. 'We generalize very, very well so that our calls are similarly accurate in plants [while] existing tools are just much, much worse in these less-well-studied organisms in the genomics community. I think they will very likely get some of the earliest bang for their buck because they are just much less well-served today.'"

Hat tip to +Ward Plunet for the share

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This "university" is promoting hatred against people they don't like and is trying to quash women's rights. My recommendation is that you 1) Report 5+ of their posts and 2) block them.

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We keep inching just a little bit closer to that #Tricorder
Engineers at University of California in San Diego designed a case that fits over a smartphone with an integrated sensor, which in lab tests accurately measures blood glucose levels. #Science #Engineering #Health

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Video games can be an amazing tool for healing, but gaming addiction can also be a trap for people trying to escape stress or who have not yet found methods of impulse control that work for them. This article is a great inspection of anecdotal methods (and some pending peer review) of controlling such impulse control issues.

Games to treat mental illness

Scholarly studies on game addiction

Hat tip to +Matthew Graybosch, Author for the link

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CRISPR gene editing is available relatively cheaply and is on the edge of becoming the 3D printer of medical cures and advancement.

Epigenetic just means that the targeted genes are turned 'off' rather than actually clipping the DNA, removing the target gene, and reconnecting the DNA. However, this also requires two acting viruses to do the work instead of one.

Hat tip to +Robin Kirkpatrick for the share
This could have some profound implications on a number of diseases. We'll see how it pans out over time:

Scientists modify CRISPR to epigenetically treat diabetes, kidney disease, muscular dystrophy
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