Expertise :
Since 2009 our strategy is to focus on large companies & international brands.
Our ADEPT methodology and our Key-account project management method allows us to offer long-term partnerships with customers. Often we manage to build long-term recurring business with our clients.
We have deliverd more than 160 Mobile Apps
We are determined to develop for our clients high-value-added mobile applications and play an active role in the journey of achieving mobile maturity.
We have some technological edge and expertise and our Analytics tool is an efficient and effective solution to provide business intelligence and consulting expertise.
Those major assets combined with our Multi-platform design, development and app store marketing expertise are our keys to create value for customers in most markets.
Multi-platform Expertise on Every Platform :
• Smartphones
• iPad and similar devices
• Computer apps on Mac and PC
• Web applications
Multi-Platform Expertise on Every OS :
• iOS (Apple)
• Android (Google)
• Blackberry (RIM)
• Bada (Samsung)
• WP7 (Windows)
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