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Clement Binnings
Metaphysical / Visionary fiction author
Metaphysical / Visionary fiction author


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#Book Review of #TheBubbleRule from #ReadersFavorite -

Reviewed by Kathryn Bennett for Readers' Favorite

The Bubble Rule (The Grover Series Book 2) by Clement Binnings Jr. is the second book in this series and introduces us to Duryodhana Talwar, an Indian Mafia mob boss and now an official business tycoon. When he has a vision of a young boy named Grover who is the Keeper of the Flame, he finds that his own conscience is calling him out for his deeds. When he wakes, he knows he can't have these events come to pass and decides that he must find and kill Grover. Meanwhile Dr. Luc Fontainebleau is recovering from the stress and emotional trauma caused by the disappearance of Lola during Hurricane Katrina. Things progress and then Dr. Luc Fontainebleau, Lola and Grover take off to Mumbai to visit friends, and the adventure twists and takes them down more serious paths from there.

The first thing I have to say is that I did not read the first book in this series so I had to catch up a little bit. However, everything is set up very well in this book and you can read it as a stand alone and truly enjoy it. There are a lot of characters and stories that seem to come in and tie together in a very complex way. Lola is my favorite character for the way she sees the world. She is a woman who has suffered and had a mental breakdown, but does not allow it to define her entire life. Despite everything, she has persevered and has t...
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Great article that defines the genre of my novels in "The Grover Series."  If tasked to do so, I would be hard-pressed to come up with a better discussion of metaphysical/visionary fiction.  "Angel Through the Storms" was a finalist in Visionary Fiction in both the 2012 Indie Excellence Book Contest and the 2011 USA Best Books Contest.  I am excited about the upcoming release of its sequel, "The Bubble Rule."
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