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#project52 #2012project52 [19/52 - Sky & Clouds]

I was not too happy with the sky shots I got during the week, but today's weather was just perfect!

So here you are with a sky/cloud reflection.

I really hate how colors are interpreted in Google Chrome, so... If you want to see more accurate ones, open this photo in Firefox, way more contrast and brightness...

Have a great week.

Of course, this is for +Project52-2012 curated by +Giuseppe Basile +Kate Church moderated by +Greg Berdan +LaDonna Pride +Sue Butler But also for #architexturetuesday by +Ranjan Saraswati.
And #glassworldtuesday by +Jana Smith
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Cool shot, wish I would have thought of something like that.
Beautiful shot +Clement Biger! I love your choice of background for the sky and clouds theme. I wish I would have thought f that too! :)) (Kate Church)
You are very welcome and very deserving, though I was a little late in catching it! You have a great weekend as well (Kate :))
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