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The Revolutionary Operating System for Servers, Networks and Gateway Systems - offered by ClearOS Company.
The Revolutionary Operating System for Servers, Networks and Gateway Systems - offered by ClearOS Company.

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What's New With ClearOS 7 Business

As you know ClearOS removes the complexity of deploying and managing server, network and gateway functions. ClearOS 7 features Marketplace, an on board application installation engine that allows it’s users to dynamically expand the functionality of the system to include upwards of one hundred applications and has about another hundred on the current road-map. Below is a review of the New Apps, New Improvements and a full App listing. Enjoy!

New Improvements
ClearOS 7 Business comes with all the features of ClearOS 6 Professional as well as the following improvements.
Streamlined Theme System
The ClearOS 7 theme is mobile and tablet friendly with a fresh clean look. Dashboard support has also been added to give administrators a bird's eye view of a system.

Updated Antispam Engine
The updated antispam engine includes improved DNS blocklist technology, new distributed & collaborative filtering, an optimized auto-learning system, and native IPv6 support.

Updated IDS and IPS Engines
The updated IDS/IPS engines include improved detection for mail authentication attacks, an updated base rule set, IPv6 support, security hardening, and new SSL weakness detection.

Event and Alert Notifications
The new event and alert system provides built-in intelligence to notify administrators of system issues: disk space issues, unwanted remote logins, and more.

ClearOS is now available in French, Polish and Russian. New translations and languages will be coming in 2016!.

XFS and BTRFS Filesystem Support
The robust and scalable XFS file system is the new default that provides support for large files (8 exabytes!) and millions of files per folder. Alternatively, BTRFS can be used for those needing snapshot support.

Microsoft® Hyper-V™ Compatibility
ClearOS 7 can now be seamlessly deployed in a Microsoft® Hyper-V™ environment and run well as a Microsoft® Hyper-V™ Server 2012 R2 host as a Generation 2 virtual machine.

Updated Antivirus Engine
The updated antivirus engine includes new PDF processing, updated Microsoft Office document support, a lower memory footprint, and additional decoding support for new file extensions.

Improved Virtualization Support
Disk I/O, network throughput and USB support have been optimized in ClearOS 7 for virtualization technologies such as Microsoft® Hyper-V™, KVM™ and ClearVM™.

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