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Oh! See... I didn't get the memo. I didn't know that's why Gra... er uhm, people were pointing out the errors! I researched this a little further and discovered that if you win, you get ... wait for it ... an Academia NUT cookie!
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Subtle indeed, sticking the spelling error in blacked out to prevent spoiler.

found it! that was actually kinda easy.
Oh my goodness... y'all are kinda awesome. Apparently the people on G+ have more manners than those on FB... lol :)
The jerks just haven't found their way here, yet, I'm afraid. G+ isn't cool enough for them.

Of course, once facebook becomes un-cool, you'll be rid of them there, so there's a bright side to it. :)
Yes!!!! Yes!!!!!

Oh, sorry Donovan... Been nice knowing you.... ;D

(do I need to add the jk?)
rly? grammar is spelled g-r-a-m-m-a-r not g-r-a-m-e-r so i thot it was that :3
OMG i didnt c at the top where he/she basically said it XD great now i look like a idiot .-.
Both errors would be harder to notice if it wasn't announced up front that that would be there.
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