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LotFP Adventures and Session Reports  - 
Re: people up in arms about horrible things in RPGs, which feels like a new version of satanic panic, I've just finished running Death Love Doom.

I didn't pull any punches. My players all seemed to have raccous fun. They enjoyed taking grandma down, made very tough decisions about how to handle innocent NPCs, and burned down the house after conquering it.

As for the concepts of being unwelcoming or triggering, I've no idea how a girl would react to it. We don't happen to have any among the players. Also all girls are individuals with their own tastes and ideologies.

The dicotomy that we can have violent games but not creepy ones seems pretty hypocritical to me.
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Oh wow, this whole situation looks disturbing, in a cheap, cheesy, non-fun-weird way. Big trouble in little rpg-town... Ah i just push my ignore filter on.
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Claytonian JP

Session Reports  - 
Session report: Dog men ride to town
XP: 6

Dog men raiding the area
Lazer eye statues

Silver torques that the dogmen all wear
More dogmen coming to take revenge?
Mercedies Bentley has to be polite for the rest of the day.
Detect magic and magic missile forgotten.

Less pressing things:
Spider-mother cult stock is up
Penned play still missing. It's the thing.
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Claytonian JP

Judge reports (what happened today?)  - 
Report: But it looks really really valuable
XP 4

a couple parcels of jewelry (each can be used in one instance of carousing).
a necklace was so valuable nobody could bear destroying it
a poor clockwork boy lost a valuable chance to be a circus freak due to water damage
2 muskets

A baby that reminded you of the resplendent existence that was before this foul, fleshy one. And his poor mum.
A man that could not keep it in his pants.
A boat of zombies (drowned?)

Stones unturned:
Boxes in the cellar not looked into yet.

Oh, right what were we doing:
Thwarting 3 wizard bros. on the other side of a mirror.

Other Goals:
Destroy the necklace?
Sell the necklace?
Become queen of the whores?

+Donald Dayton not sure if you are in the g+ community yet
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I think donald asked to join the group? are there any pending members? or you could send an invitation?
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Claytonian JP

Judge reports (what happened today?)  - 
6 XP today.
Lots of little treasures. You can use a bundle to gain xp in a safe area with resources. 
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+Paul C
tongues removed. Dog ran off. Zombies locked in the basement.
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Claytonian JP

Monsters & Hazards  - 
Quasarian Plasmoid (small): Init +5; Atk slam +1 melee (1d3) or grapple +4 melee (0); AC 17; HD 4d8; MV 20’; Act 1d20; SP DR 5, +4 AC vs. ranged weapons, grapple (Strength +4), immunities (blunt weapons, electricity, force at...
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I love that cartoon! 
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Claytonian JP

Shared publicly  - 
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I can't see anyone smiling - which one? Anyway, I think the soldiers must have known. The date on the photo and the fact it was in LA means there really isn't any explanation for a group of Japanese on a train platform other than "former internees" - even if they didn't know this particular group had just been released the recent history and circumstances would have been pretty heavy stuff.
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Claytonian JP

Judge reports (what happened today?)  - 
Sesh Report: Conspiracies!
XP:4;  2 for avoiding a fight 2 more because we have short sessions and need to lube your XP along

Burned down Chroneberg Mansion
Looked a halfling square in the brown eye
Whispered and Colluded
Maybe Derrek kept the necklace and will end the world with it
Talked smack through a door. Mustang, if she is lucid enough, might mention there are a lot of men at arms and weird monsters in hub-world. 

Several vistas glanced through mirrors
A burning bush
A church with a tall tower
Strange paintings (2/9ths described thus far)

Voices through a door
Boys scampering about
A man of god. Would you like some tea?

Zero levels of +Nicholas Quinton    rolling up on a halfling
Everyone doesn't trust the halfling, but take him everywhere anyways
Derrek vs the whole world maybe?

Things to do:
Find out why the church is a place the Judge has 
Explore Manse de hub-world 
Unload some treasure and gain bonus XP

Things lost:
The necklace?
The value of some jewelry
A dog! You never tried to find it. Cruel humans!

To speed things along, people with more than one character choose one of them to make an action in a combat round. The others can move.
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Claytonian JP

Session Reports  - 
Claytonian JP originally shared:
Let's get butts in the seats on a constant basis! Or at least keep a low boil of 3+ PCs. Comment if you hate these event invites.
Claytonian DCC needs you
Thu, September 3, 7:00 AM EDT

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It happens...
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Claytonian JP

Shared publicly  - 
Seventy years ago many Japanese people saw US troops as the enemy. But tens of thousands of young Japanese women married GIs nonetheless - and then faced a big struggle to fit in in the US.
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It's always interesting to read about this sort of thing.  Knowing how many Japanese families feel about their daughters marrying foreigners and moving away, these women were very brave - not only were they plunging with both feet into a whole new, and largely unknown, society but they were risking alienating their own families at the same time.  For those who ultimately found they couldn't integrate it would potentially have been disastrous.

One thing that I always wonder about and that never seems to get discussed in these articles is how the men were received.  I'm sure it wasn't smooth sailing for them either, but I wonder just how difficult it was, and what kind of reaction they got.

Even now, it can be a bit of a political land mine.  I remember some of the reactions I got when I briefly moved back to Canada with my wife some years ago.  There were...assumptions made regarding my motives for going to Japan in the first place, my relationship with my wife, her status in our family, everything.  It was worse when people misjudged her age.

This all happened in an era where cross-cultural marriage is a fairly ordinary thing, and in a community that is very international.  My own family didn't blink, but colleagues and acquaintances were constantly projecting their own prejudices on me, creating narratives that would explain us within the context of their assumptions.

Interestingly, on the rare occasions she was the target of racism it seemed inevitable that I'd get cast in unpalatable terms as well.

So yeah, these young women were incredibly brave but at some level so were the men.  I can't imagine what it must have felt like to either partner, but I'm sure it was hard.
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Claytonian JP

Shared publicly  - 
So someone recently payed me a tidy sum on paypal. But when I go to check on it it just isn't there. I know Paypal works because I cashed out on my RPGnow sales the other day and it's in there. Anyone had an experience like this?
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+Jason Lutes I could claim it but it would be for the wrong country's account, so I want to refund it and try with the right one, so that I can access all them precious lucres.
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Claytonian JP

Shared publicly  - 
If  you've been seeing something from me you don't want, chances are you can unsubscribe from it here ( ). But let me know if I need to recircle you to somewhere else.

I can't guarantee I won't do another gamer politics rant, but I'm pretty convinced I just lose people like crazy every time I do one. And people assume I am something I'm not on top of that...
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Ed Dove
+Claytonian JP
I think we might all be better off with a more Jezian outlook on everything.
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Claytonian JP

Shared publicly  - 
Japan has restarted its first nuclear reactor under new safety rules since all plants were shut down after the 2011 Fukushima disaster.
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Did they get some of those MUTOs to absorb the radiation leaks from the last breach?
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