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this is just a draft.
I wanted to do a +James V West​/zine-like image, but drawing this on a tablet has made it hard to get them feels... Was hoping to squeeze it onto one page, but we can do two if the layout gods demand it.
Any Dccish class information missinng?Action dice I guess

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Today's triumphs:
+Mankini's and angry sticks found
+A village avenged
+Old people saved from the sight of a todger

Today's setbacks:
+Cleric is in bad shape; not sure if he should heal self or others.
+Wizard +David Wood has broken bones on one hand, hampering casting... if only he knew someone that could mend bones with holy powers...

+Get to spatula city
+Get revenge on sphinx
+Get awesome herbs
+Look into druish treasure?
+Convert jewels to assets
+Find a spell to replace that one what killed my brother (Wizard is Danny Devito to a dead Arnold)

+Tweaking the death die cleric exploit as we speak
+Also thinking I'll work on weapon damage numbers today... Gonna look to Last Gasp blog for ideas
+Arcs are still on the table. Think I'll make them official in the doc soon.

folks, I turned on the option to let anyone in and let anyone post. There will be spam. Report bad posts to google. Tag me in posts that aren't random spam but do break the rules. Don't even mention why; I'll figure it out.

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Morning commute

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Prince Charming Reanimator and Bride of the Black Manse talked about a bit here +Daniel Bishop +Harley Stroh

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Blood in the Chocolate related +Kiel Chenier

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Has anyone tried this spin on the Fleeting Luck rules?
The spin being that players give each other fleeting luck as a kind of kudos for being entertained by each other.

One system I've played that does this in Tenra Bansho Zero. In that game it's called aiki. It's a good way to be nice to others around the table. I worried a bit that we were abusing it, so I tried not to give out as many as the drunk dude next to me, but still, warm-fuzzy feels were had.

(I embedded the Lankmhar rules in this post because you are going to ask me what fleeting luck is)

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This show was a slow burn. But it is so worth it in the end. Osugi Ren is great. 

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download Works by Edward Lucas White here. Missing a pirate story tho? Anyways, I'd only check out those short stories; other things are likely to be historical fiction
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