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So, I have a bit of a rant, about social activists.
I wonder if these people know that Netflix uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its cloud provider. So shouldn't they be going after Amazon, not Netflix.

Also, there is this little gem right at the beginning of their pitch, "The entertainment giant now accounts for a huge one-third of internet traffic across North America...". Just logically people should know that this would be false! If Netflix was using 1/3 of all of North America's internet traffic they would be more profitable than any cable company, possibly more profitable than Apple. They do use about 37% of Peak traffic, but that is the magical 2-4 hour window of night when everyone sits down to watch a show. There is A LOT of other time in the day though when things are happening on the internet.


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I think this just changed my life.

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This looks like a good way to get some user feedback. Should anyone be interested in that opportunity.

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How many of you have ran into this?

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This is not for the faint of heart, but I do thing that this amazing woman put her horrible experience into words in a way I have never seen before.
My prayers go out for her and her family.

I pray that other men and boys will read this and be moved to act as the men did that saved her and not as the boy did that assaulted her.

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Great walk through on how to do this, but WHY on earth do you have to uninstall and reinstall an app, why is there not an update?

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Get the LG ChromeBase 22 for only $226!

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Love me some xkcd!!!
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