Has Facebook Been Hit With The Uncool Stick?

The fact that Facebook is becoming so popular could be its downfall, especially without a feature like Circles. As more and more of the older generation joins Facebook it becomes less and less cool and usable for the younger generation. It's the same reason that +Tom Anderson lied about his age on his +Myspace, the younger generation tends to believe older people can't do anything that's "cool."

But not only that, when your grandma is reading your status updates you begin to watch what you say a little more and don't feel completely free to express your ideas. This is one of the main reasons that Google+ has the Circles feature as one of it's main features. It allows you to connect with many different people in many different ways. Since Facebook doesn't have this, when I was posting on Facebook more often before, I found that many times when I wanted to post something I wouldn't because I didn't really want my family or my coworkers to see it. Even if you aren't saying anything bad, you just know there's those things that your mom will bring up the next time you see her.

I know that when I was posting on Facebook more often before that I wouldn't post something because I didn't want my family or coworkers to see. Have you done the same? Do you think Facebook can survive not being cool?

h/t +David Gluvna

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