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Has Facebook Been Hit With The Uncool Stick?

The fact that Facebook is becoming so popular could be its downfall, especially without a feature like Circles. As more and more of the older generation joins Facebook it becomes less and less cool and usable for the younger generation. It's the same reason that +Tom Anderson lied about his age on his +Myspace, the younger generation tends to believe older people can't do anything that's "cool."

But not only that, when your grandma is reading your status updates you begin to watch what you say a little more and don't feel completely free to express your ideas. This is one of the main reasons that Google+ has the Circles feature as one of it's main features. It allows you to connect with many different people in many different ways. Since Facebook doesn't have this, when I was posting on Facebook more often before, I found that many times when I wanted to post something I wouldn't because I didn't really want my family or my coworkers to see it. Even if you aren't saying anything bad, you just know there's those things that your mom will bring up the next time you see her.

I know that when I was posting on Facebook more often before that I wouldn't post something because I didn't want my family or coworkers to see. Have you done the same? Do you think Facebook can survive not being cool?

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Lots of people on it will probably survive for a while longer. But I just never liked it much. G+? WAY more interesting :-)
I agree, +Ana Cristina Pratas. I don't think it is going anywhere fast in part because of the older generation that just recently started using it. I don't think they will be so quick to move on.
Well, that trend began when parents wanted to keep in touch with their children when they went to college; then the children felt embarrassed having their parents as "friends" (like totally not cool! ;-)

If an older population is now using FB, I think that is great - it helps them remain connected; but there is something about FB which just didn't capture me; sure am there as well, but use it less and less now as G+ becomes more alive, more interesting and definitely more captivating.
I agree with facebook not being cool for some time now. But what is cool? There isn't a place for teenagers or students to go to that is cool. Facebook will be fine until something new cool emerges.
A lot of teens are moving from FB to Twitter actually....and they are connected either on Blackberry chat system or iPhone. Having said that, I'm afraid I don't know any specific numbers; just commenting on what I see and know.
Well the article notes that many of them are moving to Twitter and Tumblr because of the privacy capabilities they offer. I feel like they are a little too limited though to really connect with people.
True, depends though on what one wants to connect for. I have found that through Twitter, if anyone wants to connect with me (or vice versus), we can then move to other platforms with more space to discuss/talk.

Twitter works for me because I learn from others & with time there is some kind of bonding/support within groups of people (yes, tenuous but there).

Actually your posting comes at a time when I have been talking about this issue (e.g. FB vs G+) and what will be available in say, 3 to 5 years (or less even!)
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