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Google+ Photo Update

Anyone else notice that Google+ updated the way the pictures appear in the Stream? They now have plain black bars on the side of the picture instead of the echo of the picture in black on the sides.

Personally, I liked the echo of the pictures on the side but I know many people did not.

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actually now looking at more post I liked the roll of pictures underneath more. gave better preview. I'm following a lot of photographers and now their post dont' include their work in the rest of the album :(
Oh, I didn't know they weren't showing that any more. I think that's just when they share the whole album though. I'll have to keep an eye out to see if they changed that too.

I was actually talking about how before in the black bars on the side of photos in the stream it used to have the picture again in there very faintly, but now it is just plain black bars. Some photographers were saying that having the picture kind of echo in the black bars was a little confusing and took away from the picture which I think is why they changed it.
Yes, the black background is better looking, and the roll of pictures is great. If the picture roll can zoom then it is even better.

+Oscar Tavera , the roll is still there, isn't it?
Did you find the echo of the picture in the background as distracting from the picture, +Alex Fung?
yes I don't like the faint echo, but it is gone now. The echo was sort of acceptable to me, but the black background now looks much better.

When the post has multiple photos, a roll appears at the bottom and I like it a lot.
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