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Microsoft Surface Lap-on

I'm using the Microsoft Surface on my lap on the train and it's not meant for the lap. It's really wobbly and keeps nearly falling over. 
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Not on your lap. :)

Or, if it's on your lap, flat.
Note to self: Get small bag that has one rigid disguised flat side...then this may help surface use one the train? 

How does Exchange email work on that thing?
It's not a laptop - it's tablet.  Use it as a tablet in this situation.  iPad with BT keyboard would be even worse and you wouldn't even attempt this.
Maybe they should have called it a Flat-on to avoid any confusion.
+Rich Coleman - that's the problem with the Surface. Doesn't know what it wants to be. ;) Kinda like the OS it runs... 
+Rich Coleman I use the Logitech Ultra Thin keyboard with my iPad on the train all the time and it works great. 
+Chris Pirillo I think you see what you want to see and trust me, your precious iPad will continue to work even after the Surface is out three so you don't have to poo on the Surface because you love it so.  Back to the post's topic now; the Surface's touch cover is not to be a laptop replacement.  It's for when you want to pop into a StarBucks real quick and you want to get some REAL work done at a moments notice.  You could do the same with a Mac Air - it's light and portable - but then you'd also have to carry around an iPad to get your touchscreen and app fix for the day.  Surface is the iPad that you CAN do real work on in a pinch.  You can't type long emails on an iPad.  You can't use full Microsoft Word and Excel on an iPad.  You can do all those things (real work) at a moments notice on a Surface.
+Rich Coleman - it's not my precious anything

Moreover, my Surface with Windows RT arrives tomorrow - and its keyboard I expect to work just as well as any keyboard I've used on the iPad. If the keyboard is the big selling point of a Microsoft touchscreen computer, then... wow.
+Rich Coleman How's that keyboard a negative? Here's the thing, the Surface marketing is all about the keyboard. At today's event the demo units were all connected to these keyboards and the MSFT folks kept promoting the keyboard. I think you'd be sorely disappointed to buy this thing without a keyboard. 

I only use that wafer thin logitech keyboard occasionally like when I have a bunch of scripts to write, etc. 
+Clayton Morris  The keyboard is great - it's just not to be a laptop replacement - that's my point.  It's meant to be an "in a pinch I need to do real work for 20 minutes while I'm visiting my parents and I'm not near a real computer" kind of thing.  For that, it's great.  I wouldn't lug around that logitech for that, but with surface, it's the cover - so there's no "lugging".  
+Rich Coleman right but the logitech keyboard IS a case and a very good one so it's one piece just like the Surface. 
Yeah +Clayton Morris it's not called "Microsoft Brown Corduroy Slacks" it's called "Microsoft Surface" JK! :)
You can get a third party keyboard to use on your lap if that's what you want.  I don't use any keyboard with my Ipad, because I'd as soon have a laptop if I'm going to carry bulk, but if Surface offers a usable keyboard (that I'd probably use at the hotel, not on the subway) that has no bulk that's great.  I just am not sure I can type on such a flat surface.  I look forward to finding out.
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