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Dunno if any of you have seen this, but this is a perfect summary of socialism:
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In theory, Socialism is awesome. In practice, Socialism is Cuba.

Not so nice, is it?
Socialism is based off the false idea that man is fundamentally good. if man were fundamentally good, then he would be perfectly happy to work hard for the 'common good'. since the fall however, man has a sin nature, and hence, in a communistic system where he can rely instead on the work of others, people get lazy, (among many other problems) essentially, they 'mooch off the system' and nothing ever gets done. hence, if man were fundamentally good, then socialism would work. since we're fundamentally selfish, it doesn't.

Next year's speech, simplified version.

(IO "How economics proves the Biblical truth that man is not fundamentally good")
oh yeah! I knew you were kidding. I just have this huge hatred of communism... I guess I'm just OCD. :D its fun.

I guess what I meant to say was to clarify what Daniel said, in that it works in theory based off an innaccurate premise. people being too optimistic about the nature of man.

what do you think of the speech idea? do you think the idea is viable? (+Daniel Thomas also)