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Clay Mann
I was raised by a pride of MeerKats
I was raised by a pride of MeerKats

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This ranks as one of my favourite TED talks, it has everything, science, drama, comic relief, more science and I defy anyone to feel bad bummed out watching it.

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Someone, who I can't find the name of now, recommended this site to me, I only now just got around to really exploring it, and this, this is something every android fan should know about. You can make your own little android on the site and have it printed out from 2.5" - 3.5" in size. Naturally being a brit, I had to do a dapper gentleman to try it out.

If you like the look of this, or have kids, have a blast making your own! The prices range from $30-$40 a pop, so it's not going to break the bank either. It's super easy customising the look too, young children shouldn't have an issue with a bit of supervision.

This is a taste of the future, showing just how much we are going to be able to customise the products we buy, with the coming 3D printer revolution.

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Mind blown, a must watch.
Do you want to have your mind blown? Watch this. (This will cost you 13.5 minutes)

Hugh Herr, Director of Biomechatronics at MIT University delivers an amazing talk that will touch your soul. 

I was in the audience. I was almost in the back row. For the opening few minutes of the talk, I couldn't see his feet. So imagine what happened when I finally stood up and saw his legs. 

Simply amazing. 
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