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I'm thinking of writing a blog post called "The OpenGov/Transparency/Gov2 Community is the Tea Party for Political Adults." -- the idea being that the Tea Party is pissed off because government takes their too much of money and is stupid with it. The Tea Party solution is (in my opinion) sort of a childish "let's take our toys and go home" solution -- that we should just get rid of government, or, as Grover Norquist says "drown it in a bathtub."

The OpenGov/Transparency/Gov2 crowd agrees with the premise: government isn't cost effective. But I think it doesn't agree with the proposed solution, and instead of saying "and therefore there shouldn't be government" it says "so let's fix the systemic problems that cause that."
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I don't think your premise holds and therefore your blog is a very small segment of people. The real truth is that Politicians hold too much power and that power is derived from our tax money. If the Money is gone, then so is their power.
+Robert Richards I don't think that's an accurate reflection of "the founders" of open government -- most of them don't work in the field. They came up with the 7,8, no 9 or 10 principles of open data, for sure. But I think judging the movement based on those 30 people is probably more erroneous than judging America based on the philosophical and ethnic composition of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria or the Mayflower.
+Patrick Borghese politicians have the power we give 'em. And it's not our tax money that's corrupting them, it's corporate money that seems to be filling their pockets as they make more and more concessions to those corporations.
Tea Party as metaphor may not be the way to go. I almost didn't read past your first sentence, so that would be certain doom for a blog post title! Your para 2 works as is, but maybe another lead-in...