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Origin labeling of #chocolate   #cocoa  & #cacao  in the EU? Probably not in my lifetime. http://goo.gl/Y7BDu6 - manufacturers claim it would confuse consumers and cost a lot. Your thoughts?
The European Cococa Association (ECA) is campaigning to exclude cocoa and cocoa semi-finished products from voluntary and mandatory origin labelling foreseen in mooted EU legislation.
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Perhaps we should campaign for voluntary origin labeling. But at least this is raising the profile of Origin.

The big companies are against it, because it will push up their costs, and it will not actually help the customer much.

Ingredients: Cacao (from Ghana, Ivory Coast, Ecuador, Peru, Madagascar) Processed in Belgium, Netherlands, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Ecuador, Peru, Madagascar.
Cacao contents min 40%

This sort of list will not actually help especially as it will be in such small print that it will be almost unreadable.
What's more important? Bean origin or country where processing gets done? I can get very complicated. Unfortunately, none of this will do anything to help farmers as all the costs are upstream of the farm gate.
How costs would rise for big cocoa manufacurers I can see... but how it should be confusing for customers is what I don't get ... 

to me both origin and country of processing are important ...
Because the big companies are going to put heaps more information on the label. Great, yes. But since these labels are printed in 6 languages, the text is going to be so small as to be unreadable to all but the afficionados. 

Hence the customer will not read it... they will have to trust the headline text on the front, which will promote whatever the company feels is the best selling point.  
The afficionado may not be "the" customer, but is a customer nonetheless, he/she will read it. "The"customer who puts his or her trust in headlines only will continue to do so regardless of what is in the fine print on the label.
True of course... but the afficionado will be seeking out real origin chocolates anyway. I don't eat or drink any chocolate that doesn't tell me where it is from. But that means that my choice is currently very limited. I would love to have the origin on all bars, but I would love all bars to be single origin, not the awful blends that the big companies produce.
Same goes for me ... I just find the argument that labeling origin would confuse customers a strange one. In the current situation there is no information, so as customer you're at a loss regarding the origin. With labeling required, you get information. How can that new situation be more confusing than the mere guessing that is now?
Well at present if there is no origin labelling, then I can safely assume that it is a blend of whatever.
Whilst if I pay for a better quality... doesn't have to be too much... then it is clearly stated what the origin is. 
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