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Clay Cook

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Clay Cook

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High-End Retoucher Jordan Hartley and Clay Cook will be going LIVE on Google Hangout - On Air to re-touch an unreleased image and talk everything photography. Jordan will answer any and all questions regarding his workflow and Clay will do the same regarding the photography.
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Clay Cook. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Live Re-Touch Q&A with Jordan Hartley & Clay Cook
Mon, June 13, 2016, 3:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Clay Cook

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The summer started with an incredible journey to Tanzania, Africa for the Waterboys initiative in partnership with WorldServe and the NFL. Chris Long and Doug Pitt along with the NFL, have kicked off this promotional campaign on the quest for clean water in Africa. This film, produced by my friends Nadus Films, displays the engrossing landscape and the fascinating people of Tanzania. It is a culmination of energy from dozens of people in hope to impact millions of people. You'll be seeing this video along with my images on many major sports blogs, ESPN as well as social feeds around the world.

I also want to give a quick shout out to Izzy from +B&H Photo Video Pro Audio and Sara from Profoto USA for sponsoring our travels and making this amazing imagery happen!

If you haven't already, check out my "Tanaznia" blog post for the exclusive story and behind the scenes!
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Clay Cook

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+Clay Cook Your Welcome Again Mr. Clay! We Say - KARIBU TENA  -
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An award-winning published photographer and filmmaker, specializing in fashion editorial, commercial and advertising photography.
I listen to Lady Gaga and Lamb Of God. I love to blog.

I’ve always connected to people through language, art, film, music and 
creativity. I started performing music with 4 friends on stages and local clubs at the age of 16. By the age of 24, our act “(intheclear)” had grown to sell over 20,000 records and toured all across the nation. 

Over the course of that musical career, I not only honed the craft of recording and performing live, but also graphic design and video editing. By the time the band split in 2010, I had designed hundreds of flyers, edited many photos and cut up tons of video footage. People started to pay me to do the same for them and my creative career flourished. 

It wasn’t until December of 2010; I received my first DSLR camera as a gift. My love for photography blindsided me and began to snowball over everything in 
its path. I began shooting all in sight, from people and animals to beautiful 
landscapes; I wanted to capture it all. I’ve been blessed to know many creative people from all walks of life and have learned to mold and shape my vision of photography through their inspiration. 

And, many late nights on YouTube. 

Now, with a sharpened eye and field experience, I’ve recognized my natural ability and true passion in fashion, commercial and lifestyle photography. Using the knowledge I’ve gained, I am not only able to capture the vision, but also manipulate it into art, bigger than life.

My work has been published in Louisville Magazine, STORY Magazine, MOUR Magazine, The Courier Journal, The Voice Tribune, NFocus Magazine, Essere Magazine, Vedere Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine and Vouge.It.

I have worked with NEXT Model Management, BMG Models, Sigal Models & Talent, Wings Model Management, COSMO Model & Talent Agency & Heyman Talent.

I shoot with both Canon and Nikon. I check Facebook every 2 minutes.

- Clay
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Louisville, KY, United States
I believe that your worst enemy in any difficult journey is yourself. It's easy to create excuses, it's easy to make poor decisions and it's easy to give up. I've known Sõl for over 10 years, we shared a lot of good times during our time in the music industry. I consider him a close friend. But, the call to Sõl to make a positive change was one of the most difficult calls I've had to make, ever to any friend. As a photographer, I have the amazing opportunity to travel the world and document cultural impact .Over a year ago, I learned of a potential project that would forever change my life. An expedition to climb the highest free standing mountain in the world; Mount Kilimanjaro, all in the name of charity for Tanzania, Africa. Every year, many people die on this mountain. Many people fail. Athletes and celebrities attempt every year, most don't make it past Kosovo Camp at 17,000 ft. It's a mountain the demands respect, time and a lot of will. You have to be fit, or you will die. With this knowledge, I was determined to meet my fitness and wellness goal. With the blueprint provided by Sõl, I lost 110 pounds and gained significant muscle mass. By the time my boots hit the base camp at Kilimanjaro, I was ready. I felt like I had prepared a lifetime for this adventure. We pushed through seven grueling days of long treks and acclimatization beginning at 3,000 feet all the way to 19,341 feet. We hiked from heavy rain forest to glacial rock at below-freezing temperatures. Being the expedition photographer, I had to work harder then everyone else. I had to set the pace, climb in front of the pack and always be two steps ahead. There were times I wanted to fall behind and just close my eyes, but I kept going. The altitude got the best of many, some had to be carried off the mountain on a stretcher. I focused on my pace, and took one small step at a time. I felt drugged and struggled for air. But, I kept going. At 6:55am on September 28th, I made the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. I have never been more fatigued in my life. I hadn't slept in over 24 hours. I was cold, crushed with a headache from hell, hallucinating and my body was wrecked, I make the executive decision to descend. Miraculously, I made a quick pace at a 5.5 hour, 22 mile decent, rather then the standard 8 hour decent. I did it all without supplemental oxygen or medication, which most people required. I was broken, but had accomplished what I set out to do; create beautiful imagery and lived to tell the story. I want to take this opportunity to thank Sõl and Amanda for welcoming me with open arms after that first phone call, a time at which I desperately needed help. I know for a fact that I would have died on that mountain if it weren't for the guidance and preparation they both provided. I believe we are all climbing a mountain, it's the daily things that will derail your progress, so don't give up. Just keep going and take trust in the knowledge you've been provided. It works.
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