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Clay Cauley
I am a web and user interface designer & a front-end web developer.
I am a web and user interface designer & a front-end web developer.

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Ok, So I admit I gave iOS and the iPhone 6S+ it's fair shake for roughly 6 months. I didn't hate it, but found myself wishing it did this or wanting it to do this.

I also found myself enjoying things that it did offer.

I've had my Nexus 6P for almost a week, and have instantly realized that I have no need to ever change or give iOS another chance. It feels like iOS is struggling when you look at the next version of Android. There have been a few advancements in iOS over the years, sure, but when you look at Android N compared to where Android was 3-4 years ago. Holy Shit.

Google ... I'm ready. Take me where you're going. 

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So if you are a fan of retro gaming or just gaming in general. You should absolutely check these guys out. I mean, they're pretty killer. #VideoGame #RetroGaming #VideoGameCollecting

I've missed this place ... I'm coming home though. Just you wait Google, just you wait.

I can haz 6P plz?

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I typically don't share stuff I do with my YouTube channel on my personal account because it's just a hobby and I don't want to bug anyone, BUT I'm really proud of this video.

If you played, or still play, old school games like I do, then you have to check out my review of Mega Man: The Wily Wars. Well, you don't have to, but I would greatly appreciate it!

#MegaMan   #Sega   #VideoGames   #MightyNumber9   #Nintendo   #Capcom   #RetroGaming  

Considering jumping on the 6P from Huawei's site ... why? Because I can pay monthly instead of all at once, and it's nearly $30 less than the play store.

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I kinda wanna check this out ...

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Moto 360 V2 and new X please ... 

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OK, I promise I'm done after these. I seem to love over editing with Snapseed.


#hyundai #sonata
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