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This was it..The end of the +ulefone  road for me. It was a great introduction to Dual Sim Android phones and it reignited my love for the Android OS.
But the experience with +UleFone Be Pro  has been so dis-satisfactory, that I have now purchased another phone, and the ulefone will end its days in a box (maybe reused for something completely different in time).

Thanks to all of you whom has tried so dearly to support the rest of the community!

So, what is a great Dual Sim Android phone? Any flagship models or upcoming models you would recommend?
Price vs. feature set is of cause important :)
I was thinking of a Sony Xperia X3+ Dual. 

Anyone having issues with SIMs not being detected?
All of a sudden, my phone stopped detecting both my sims :(
Laid all still charging, when this happened. Now it's not detecting any of my sims ..
It's a Ulefone Be Pro

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Quick 'n' dirty sunset test of SJCam 5000+

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Did the OTA update and now my Be Pro wont turn on :( #OTA   #lollipop  

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