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Has anyone produced art that shows the different mannish types/races of the FR?

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Especially for +Joe & Sarah Bilton Your Ruins of Trostenhal were the scene of a rather brutal battle between four portagonists and a host of demons aided by a Hag Coven :-)

The maps were recast as the Shrine of the Concordat, a holy place of unity between the free races (Men, Elves and Dwarves) that had been desecrated and used to curse the three races in various subtle and less subtle ways, paving the way for Big Bad to come in and take over the world.

It was set up in the MapTool VTT

Thanks for all your great work - it's seeing good use aroung these parts :-)
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So! Just to be a Munchkin, I want to craft a Plate Armor of Mithral that is also Adamantine-reinforced ...

Hey, I'm the GM - I might want to award such a thing to a PC at some point, OK!?! ;-) - so humour me. And 'I'm not even adding +'es yet!

So - how to craft it? The Plate Armor is 300 days and 750 gp as pr. the PH, both the metal options count as Uncommon magic items, which both should in and of themselves be 20 days and 500 gp ...

Or does "Uncommon + Uncommon" actually become "Rare?" Or is that just one of those things that is up to the GM to decide (seems to be to me)

Personally I probably wouldn't bump it to Rare until +'es are added, but YMMV.

Am I missing guidelines somewhere?

Looking at the (optional) magic item creation rules ... am I seeing it right that at piece of ammunition is as expensive to make as a permanent weapon? Given that they seem to stack, I can see it being so, but ...

The slightest of nitpicks - and the obvious houserule fix.

One consequence of the otherwise brilliant Finesse property rule has bugged me. As wizards tend to favour Dex over Str, the old archetype of the staff-weilding wizard has been undercut some, as the wizards are often more effective with daggers.

Not that it matters much after the first couple of levels in any case ;-)

The obvious houserule is of course to make Quarterstaffs Finesse weapons as well ... and I'm not even sure it's so farfetched. There seems to be staff fighting styles around the world that seem very "dextrous" or fencing-like. Case in point Juego de Palo eg.

I know that the saving throw rules have gotten som flak here and there, but they haven't bothered me so far.

Getting into GMing mid-level play (7th), and working with converting a pathfinder character who is 10th level, I see that there is a bit of a gap developing between save that are proficient, and those that are not. Not surprising given the rules where non-proficient save don't progress at all, but it's now that I'm seeing it in practice.

It occurred to me to perhaps try the following house rule: Non-proficient saves still get half the characters Proficiency Bonus (as usually rounded down). Has anyone tried anything like that?

I have come across a server-based, browser-based online character sheet app called Dicecloud (, that I have become rather impressed with.

It is highly customizeable, to the point that - if you set it up right - eg. it will keep accurate track of your AC when you dump your Shield +1 and go Two-Weapon style incl. your Dual Wielder AC bonus.

It takes a bit of time setting up a charater, but when it's done it really sings IMO.

The big downside at the moment is that no database function to make entered items transferable between characters. The means that you have to type the same equipment items and spells for each character that has them, and this does consume time. I cannot tell if this will become a feature in the future, but I'm hoping.

Still, even with thus rather major drawback, I can feel it edging out the also wonderful Fifth Edition Character Sheet android app that my players and I have been using, as the Dicecloud solution makes it possible for both me and the players to edit the sheets in realtime, and the fact that it integrates seamlessly over any type of device.

edit: Forgot - a big plus is the ability to enter description text everywhere, which makes getting rules text for spells and features especially very easy to get into the app. Makes for a hole lot less pageflippin :-)

Here in 5e, how is it with bonuses to the same thing - only the best counts?

Eg., you are lucky enough to have both a Shield of Faith and a Haste spell cast on you. They both provide +2 AC - is that a total of +2 or +4. My head wants to remember "+2", but i'm not seeing the rule/definition anywhere atm.

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Map Align map scaling. I don't know if this app is old news, but I hadn't seen it before, and as far as I can tell from a few tries, it makes the job much easier.

This seems to be the origin post for it:

But also included is a public link for those who don't need to register at Fantasy Grounds.

Has anyone got a lead on an image for a Yuan-Ti Malison Type 2 - the "human with snake arms" variety?
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