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Post has attachment I wonder how many stories like this we'll start to read about...  how is something like this affecting the outsourcing decisions?

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This is very sad, and I think it's time for those who care about their privacy to move to devices powered by OSes that are serious about privacy: iOS and mod-ed Android versions are just a couple of those.
This is sad.

With all the posturing Google has done over the NSA stuff, and having encouraged people to sign the petition to require a warrant for email snooping (which I heartily agree with), this just makes Google look hypocritical.

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Apple Maps keep getting better... This time it doesn't make you drive around the entire state for getting to the next city, but gets you on an airport's runway... As I said, it's getting better...

Just called +Rogers Wireless technical support as I was not able to call some numbers and their answer was the my network profile is corrupted. Isn't this why I'm paying you for +Rogers Wireless?? The CSR I talked to told me "it's the nature of the beast Sir. When you have an cellular network these things happen." Really, seriously +Rogers Wireless?!?! This is the best you can do?

I rooted my Nexus 4, installed CM10.2 nightly 20130910 and now Franco Kernel through the Play Store updater app (r182). The phone is taking very long time to boot and when it does I get a bunch of FCs for various core processes. I've restored to CM stock kernel for now, but I was wondering if anyone else is having issues with CM10.2 nightly and FK r182 #Nexus4   #kernel  

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Wow! I knew I should have ordered one when it was a lot cheaper!! ;)
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