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Printing the Screw-less Heart Gears
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Is that PLA or ABS, I have been trying to print the larger gears for over a week. I use PLA but don't have a heated Bed Setup yet. I struggle to get it to stick but when it does stick then it Warps at most of the points.
Its PLA, extruded at 185 with the bed at 70C. My z-axis is zeroed out when a single piece of paper stops sliding freely with the nozzle down on the bed. Have you tried blue painters tape yet? I'd recommend a heated bed over anything else. Are you using a fan? The hbp and fan have improved my prints remarkably. So has dropping the nozzle right down onto the bed :p
I clean the glass with water and a towel between prints as well. 
:P thanks for the tips, I'm going to use a aluminium plate when I setup my heated bed, I haven't tried painters tape, I'm using masking tape which I thought would be similair. Is your wired to the ramps or directly to the power supply with a switch?
It's controlled by the ramps board. In my pre-heated bed days I tried to use a heat gun on the bed. When I was using a cupcake to print my Prusa parts I had to preheat a ceramic tile bed in the oven to keep from warping. Are you going to buy or etch your own?
I have bought one, but it has arrived and seems to be a bit warped, the center of it is hanging lower than the corners. I was thinking that maybe I can clamp it between a board and aluminium, should give good heat transference if I do this too.
Print on glass and you'll minimize your issues with PLA. Adherence is solid and once the temp drops to ~40-50c, the parts pop off with a mirror finish on the underside.
OK cool, ill give glass a go and once I have it all going ill post some pictures probably won't be very soon unfortunately :-\
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