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First LambdaCat episode: why the Time Travelling Debugger of the Elm programming language is cool 
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"This weekend LD32 took place, and I decided to participate while using Elm to build my game - Banana Bandit (source on github).

Since I didn't have a lot of Elm experience (I wrote at most 100 LOC in it) prior to jam, I decided that my goal is to learn Elm, FRP and a new way to model games on the fly, during the jam, and gain real experience working with it, while somewhat sacrificing the quality of the end result (the game)."
Ludum Dare is an online game jam competition/event that takes place every 4 months. Each competition starts when it's theme is announced and each participant has 48/72 hours for compo/jam entry respectively to complete and publish a game based on the theme. This weekend LD32 took place, ...
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A functional programming language that compiles to javascript
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"Asynchronous" WebGL shader compiling. Taking advantage of the fact that Chrome compiles and links shaders in a thread. Will blog more about this if I get the chance, but the code should be helpful.
Asynchronous Shader Compilation. This test demonstrates two methods for compiling WebGL shaders. The exact same GL calls are made in both cases, only the order of operations is different. The primary code involved is here. The "Synchronous" method follows a common pattern for compiling and ...
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"Let's forget everything we know about languages: meaning of words, the very concept of a word, grammar, syntax -- let's make the machine learning system discover everything relevant to the task, by itself."

According to Xiang Zhang at Berkeley and Yann LeCun at Facebook, you can put characters into convolutional neural networks and they can figure out the words, phrases, sentence structure, all the way up to abstract concepts and sentiment.

It's just a proof of concept but they said they tested it by asking to predict whether Amazon reviews were positive or negative, and it was 96% accurate, predicting what the number of stars were, which it got with 73% accuracy, predicting the main topic of news articles, which it got with 92% accuracy in English, 97% accuracy in Chinese, and predict the main topic of Yahoo! answers, which it got with 70% accuracy.
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Coming soon, tutorials on scary functional programming math. Some videos already up: coyoneda, f-algebras, etc
We also do onsite training to make your programmers better! Hire us to train your conglomerate corporation. Lo-Fi Learning. Advanced topics from our blackboard to your screen. (coming soon). (not spammy, we promise). What is Loop School? A sampling of things to come: ...
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"Inspired by similar lists by Michaels Feathers and Fogus, I've compiled a timeline of papers that (for me) represent something of the spirit of the development of computer science over the past 100 years."
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Ed S
+Claudia Doppioslash it would be great to see your CS posts over at "Computer Science, Seriously"! (It's a split of the serious topics from the too-large and too-noisy Computer Science community.)
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"The state of Clojure on Android

Or: Does Lean Clojure work?"
Or: Does Lean Clojure work? Clojure on Android suffers from the slow startup times of the Clojure runtime. The Lean Clojure compiler projects promise fast startup times and performance at the cost of dynamism and complexity. Does it work? How do you know if anything works? You test it.
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"The state of Clojure on Android

Or: Does Lean Clojure work?"
Or: Does Lean Clojure work? Clojure on Android suffers from the slow startup times of the Clojure runtime. The Lean Clojure compiler projects promise fast startup times and performance at the cost of dynamism and complexity. Does it work? How do you know if anything works? You test it.
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"But he knew from his research that his abnormality was near the brain’s olfactory center. So when he started smelling whiffs of vinegar last summer, he suspected they might be “smell seizures.”

He pushed doctors to conduct an M.R.I., and three weeks later, surgeons in Boston removed a cancerous tumor the size of a tennis ball from his brain."
There is evidence that letting patients see their medical files helps them take better care of themselves, but the medical establishment still resists sharing the data.
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Elsevier at work. I get email today: "The first issue of our new journal Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks (SEGAN), is now available to read on ScienceDirect. Papers published in SEGAN will be freely available on ScienceDirect during the journal’s first year of publication (until 31 December 2015)." [Note: freely available during the first year.] Now why, you might wonder, is Elsevier sending this to me? Good question; then I looked at the email they used, and it's a bulk email. So this is what Elsevier has stooped to: commercial, unsolicited, bulk email, a.k.a., spam. I have written to let the Executive Publisher know.

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"The term ‘explorable explanation’ was coined 4 years ago by Bret Victor, in his essay with the same title. Victor argues that readers will be more engaged and will learn and remember better when they are ‘active readers’.

Active reading requires ‘reactive documents’: text and visuals enriched with small interactive handles for the user to play and interact with. In Victor’s words, this is the definition of a reactive document:"
Standard 9 Comments Posted on maart 4, 2015 by maarten · EN. The rise of explorable explanations. Something I strongly believe in seems to be taking off lately: explorable explanations. It may be that I'm just late to the party, but the last couple of months some very interesting mixes of text ...
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Wow :)
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"In Search of Types" a paper exploring how they are used in engineering and in symbolic logic
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Elizabeth Kolbert: Why Are We So Busy?

Since the 1930s, U.S. G.D.P. has grown, in real terms, by a factor of sixteen. Why hasn’t that wealth translated into more leisure time?

Sequel. Shaw, Bernard. 1916. Pygmalion

Select Search, World Factbook, Roget's Int'l Thesaurus, Bartlett's Quotations, Respectfully Quoted, Fowler's King's English, Strunk's Style,

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Every friend I have with a job that involves picking up something heavier than a laptop more than twice a week eventually finds a way to sli

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