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"Ever felt more ignorant the further you get into a book?
Pearls of Functional Algorithm Design is one of those. Lots of people are mystified by this book too, so it’s not just you. Moreover, it’s not the book’s fault either because it’s written for a very select readership.
It turns out that even if you’re not inside that select readership, there’s a kind of secret deciphering key that allows you to extract the best parts."
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This would make me feel even dumber than I already feel.
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"Learn C and build your own programming language in under 1000 lines of code!"
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+Pedro Marcal, apology accepted, thanks for the graceful end.
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"lein-repack redistributes your code base into managable, deployable chunks and analyses your source files to automatically resolve internal and external dependencies. It this way, a big clojure project can now be broken up into sub-packages for deployment and redistribution."
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Claudia Doppioslash

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"We want to achieve message passing reliability as in case of Erlang during a code upgrade. In an earlier post , we showed a simple test to check if messages get lost in the ether while an upgrade is taking place."
Pankaj occaisonally writes about things
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"Many examples in functional programming assume that you are always on the "happy path". But to create a robust real world application you must deal with validation, logging, network and service errors, and other annoyances. 

So, how do you handle all this in a clean functional way? This talk will provide a brief introduction to this topic, using a fun and easy-to-understand railway analogy. "
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I usually use the Maybe monad for this kind of thing, or the MaybeT monad transformer. I don't really use any other monad transformers though.
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The day has come
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"This is the first time that a Spotify engineer has spoken publicly about their deployment and use cases for Storm! In this talk, Software Engineer Neville Li describes: 
Real-time features developed using Storm and Kafka including recommendations, social features, data visualization and ad targeting[...]" 
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Super relevant! We just did a proof-of-concept trial of Storm for an internal app.

Our impression so far is that it's overkill for our needs, but we'd still be willing to grow into it if it had a cleaner deployment story and fewer deps. Storm does a lot of things under the hood to support all of those features, many of which are in flux and/or are poorly documented, and all of which add a ton of deployment complexity.

As such, the cost/benefit for our use-case was just too high. Having talked to several people at Clojure/West last week about Storm, I heard the same sentiment repeatedly. One person suggested that Storm was likely unnecessary unless you were regularly dealing with terabytes of streaming data, or unless you had a processing topology which needed to support complex branch/join tuple operations.

We're now trialing a simpler home-grown pipeline architecture using a queueing service between independent worker nodes. For our projected use-case, I suspect it'll get us 80-90% of the scaling and flexibility we wanted from Storm with less technical debt.
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"We keep referring to Metalsmith as a “static site generator”, but it’s a lot more than that. Since everything is a plugin, the core library is actually just an abstraction for manipulating a directory of files.

Which means you could just as easily use it to make…"
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Claudia Doppioslash

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"Chips have been getting faster (though even that’s plateauing now), but the hardware heads failed to mention something. Sure, we can process data faster than ever, but we can’t get that data faster."
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"Object-oriented programming had boldly promised to 'model the world.' Well, the world is a scary place where bad things happen for no apparent reason, and in this narrow sense I concede that OO does model the world." - From The Book of F#:
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Polyglot developer (Unity3D/iOS/Android/Marmalade/Web/Whatever)
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