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This. When you get past the "woo hoo, six hours!" jokes, I think this is pretty good. I honestly do not believe people who claim to be productive 8 hours a day every single day. (There are bursts when I can go for days on end in intense concentration, but not on a daily basis.)

[Edit: not true. +Klaus Ostermann pointed this out: ]
Despite research telling us it’s a really bad idea, many of us end up working 50-hour weeks or more because we think we’ll get more done and reap the benefits later. And according to a study published last month involving 600,000 people, those of...
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You no nice
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A repository that collects many typefaces for your coding
codeface - Typefaces for source code beautification
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I love and hate this at the same time. I love playing with IDE typefaces, but I know it'll cost me an entire Sunday afternoon to find the perfect one...again!
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Long overdue post about why I started +LambdaCat  the writing I plan to do and what conference talk is up next
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Ed S
Indeed - a new feature in the last month or so. Check the sidebar menu!
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Great visual introduction to how Machine Learning works
A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning. Translations: 中文. In machine learning, computers apply statistical learning techniques to automatically identify patterns in data. These techniques can be used to make highly accurate predictions. Keep scrolling. Using a data set about homes, ...
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Been busy making a website, LambdaCat, for those who are interested in Functional Programming.
It's language agnostic, I'll put up posts and videos of whatever interests me at a given time.
First video up is an overview of Elm's Time Travelling Debugger.
This first screencast is a short video guide to the marvels of Elm's Debugger. var tag = document.createElement('script'); tag.src = ""; var firstScriptTag = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; firstScriptTag.parentNode.insertBefore(tag, firstScriptTag); var player;...
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I created a MathBox google group here:!forum/mathbox
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MathBox². Hope it runs for you.

Details of the entire affair are on, as usual.
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New build tool from Google: "Correct, reproducible, fast builds for everyone, build software of any size, quickly and reliably, just as engineers do at Google."
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Lovely introduction to FP in Haskell using only interactive GHCi prompt
The interactive Haskell compiler Notation for functional programs Defining new symbols, functions and modules Pattern matching Datatypes
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A fascinating article about the solitude intrinsic in having a dying language as your mother tongue. Nailed it. 
Anglicising Irish words sapped them of meaning. Let’s reclaim our mother tongue so that it can cast its spell on us again
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All the SIGGRAPH 2015 content Links collected in one place
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Elizabeth Kolbert: Why Are We So Busy?

Since the 1930s, U.S. G.D.P. has grown, in real terms, by a factor of sixteen. Why hasn’t that wealth translated into more leisure time?

Sequel. Shaw, Bernard. 1916. Pygmalion

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Haskell Lectures - CS 1501

Introduction to Haskell - CS 1501

Tidy, quiet and pleasant room, with a shared kitchen and an ensuite bathroom, all furnished in the traditional local style. The house is very well built and the only sound that makes it in is the soothing murmuring of the nearby stream. The restoration has been very attentive and it's as traditional a place as you will find in the region. Delicious breakfast, with cakes baked especially for us by the attentive hostess. It's near to the sea and to the lovely mountains, a good base from which to explore what Liguria has to offer, namely the famous Cinque Terre, Genoa and Portofino. I'd recommend it to anyone who appreciates quiet and beautiful natural surroundings at a very affordable price too.
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